Check Out Demi Lovato’s Reaction To Her First Grammy Nomination!

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Hey Demi, congrats on finally getting a nomination because you deserved it a long time ago! Really, I was surprised to see that Demi’s album Confident was nominated just because in my opinion it was probably her weakest album yet. Her vocals were on point but the songs weren’t great. Doesn’t matter though because she was nominated for best pop vocal album! It’s all about the vocals baby.

Demi is up against Adele, Ariana Grande, Sia, and Justin Bieber in this category and Adele is of course the favorite but maybe Demi can pull an upset? If not, it’s still awesome to know that the academy of music appreciates her voice.

Check out the singer’s excited tweets below!

Let’s go back to 2015 when Demi said that she was going to work her ass off to get the Grammy nomination, looks like it worked!

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Watch Demi Lovato Sing ‘Stone Cold’ On Ellen

Yaassss Demi, this is what I love to hear. Sure I loved ‘Cool For The Summer’ and ‘Confident’ was alright, but ‘Stone Cold’ is absolutely incredible. Let’s be real. This is the kind of music that I wish was more popular. A song that has heart, showcases vocal talent, this is the kind of music that should be on the airwaves, not thoughtless songs with a catchy beat.

Demi is truly in a category of her own when it comes to the young Hollywood crowd. I mean her voice is absolutely off the charts. She also looks absolutely gorgeous, when doesn’t she though? I always say, I’m not but for Demi Lovato I would be.

I do hope that one day Demi gets at least nominated for a Grammy because she deserves it. Her voice is so raw and beautiful, she needs one.

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Check Out Demi Lovato’s “Confident” Music Video

Demi just keeps slaying. She is even making me like Michelle Rodriguez, only if it’s just for a short music video.

I know back when her “Cool For The Summer” video came out I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, I can promise you one thing. I love this song and this video. It has a badass Katy Perry feel to it, but I can rock to this song. I could work out to this song, if I actually worked out of course, this would be up on my list.

I think we can also agree that Demi looks damn good in that black catsuit . My lawd lady.

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Demi Lovato Goes Make Up Free And Totally Nude for Vanity Fair

Looks like Demi Lovato doesn’t give any fucks anymore. She decided to go fully make up free and totally nude for the latest magazine of Vanity Fair. Good for her. I mean just four years ago Demi had a massive body issue and probably never thought of ever doing something like this. Now here she is, baring it all for a magazine that is going to be seen world wide.

I am guessing this is all just promoting her new album which is called ‘Confident’ and strives to show how confident the singer is in her skin now.

I have to say, good for you Demi! You keep doing your thing!

As I have said many times, I’m not but for Demi I would be.

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Fun fact I wrote this before I watched the video, me and Demi are just that connected.

Demi Lovato Uses Celebrities To Help Reveal The Track List For New Album ‘Confident’

Demi Lovato revealed her cover art and track list for her new album

With a little bit of help from some extremly famous people Demi Lovato revealed her new album cover and the track list of that album yesterday August 26th. She started things off tweeting out “1.Confident” and the rest of the celebrities followed suit.

Here’s the list.

1. Confident (Demi Lovato)
2. Cool For The Summer (Wilmer Valderrama)
3. Old Ways (Perez Hilton)
4. For You (Hailee Seinfeld)
5. Stone Cold (Bea Miller)
6. Kingdom Come ft. Iggy Azalea (Iggy Azalea)
7. Waiting For You (Ryan Seacrest)
8. Wildfire (Christina Perri)
9. Lionheart (Jennifer Lopez)
10. Yes (Nick Jonas)
11. Father (Adam Lambert)
12. Stars (Pete Wentz)
13. Mr. Hughes (Kim Kardashian)

Are you guys excited for this? I am excited for this. I also love the whole celebrities using other celebrities to promote their new music. I must say Justin Bieber is brilliant for using heavy hitters to promote his new song that will be released tomorrow I believe.

Anyway, I was ready for this album to come out yesterday so the sooner the better! For now it is set to be released in October!

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