How Bad Do You Want These ‘Golden Girls’ Figurines?

A limited-edition box set of ‘Golden Girls' action figures quickly sold out at New York Comic Con.

Over the weekend these ‘Golden Girls‘ figurines were introduced at New York Comic Con and I have decided that I need these really bad. I understand that they were limited edition only sold at Comic Con but it is time to throw down some cash. ‘Golden Girls’ was absolutely one of the greatest shows ever to be on television. Don’t you disagree with me because we will argue until you agree with me.

The action figures were being sold at $25 at the show, but now on Ebay they are up to $200! Talk about making a profit, but whatever, ‘Golden Girls’ are life, you gotta throw down money for the four sassiest ladies of all time!

To be honest, I love that even though there were hundreds of stars at Comic Con, the biggest hit were the ‘Golden Girls’ action figures.

I am such a Sophia by the way, what about you?

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Man Crush Monday: Jason Momoa

Back in the day if you asked me what Comic-con was I would say that it was somewhere comic book nerds gathered to talk about well, comic books. That is only kind of right though. The hottest actors in the world go sit at panels and talk about their upcoming comic book, or syfy movies that are coming out and get the world all hyped up.

Well Comic-con happened this past weekend and let me tell you something. Jason Momoa is my new obsession. Apparently he was in ‘Game of Thrones’ for a while, I have never watched the show but he is going to play Aquaman in the just ‘Justice League’ which is apparently going to be bad ass.

So let’s start with some facts about Jason. He is married to Lisa Bonet (one of the most beautiful women ever if you ask me), he is 6’4″, he has two children, oh and he was in ‘Baywatch’ I mean obviously only extremely attractive actors were allowed on that show, so of course he was on that.

Personally, I don’t know what more I can say other than that I am in love with him. I will of course admire from a far Lisa, don’t you worry.

Happy Monday, I hope this hunk starts your week off right!

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Who Would You Rather: The Salvatore Brothers or The Winchester Brothers?

Chris Frawley/Warner Bros. Entertainment

So over the weekend was Comic-Con where a ton of celebrities hang out with a ton of hot nerds and have an awesome weekend. At least I am pretty sure that is the basis of what Comic-Con is. So a few CW hotties decided to take one of the hottest pictures at the damn convention. Here we have the Winchester brothers on the left, and the Salvatore brothers on the right. Now the question is, who would you rather? Tough choice in my opinion.

So let’s start off with the Winchesters. Obviously Jared and Jensen aren’t actually related but they hang out all the time, they are best buddies. Jared is a monster standing at like 6’4 or something, so you can’t go wrong there. Jensen is well, perfect. Looking at Jensen is just looking at God’s greatest creation.

The Salvatore brothers aren’t that bad either though. Let’s be real, they are cute, sensitive but also kind of badass. I mean nothing like some bad boys with the hearts of gold.

The winners though? Who won this match? The Winchesters. Listen I think that Paul and Ian are both hot, they are both very good looking guys but they are small. I don’t think either of them are 6′ and they are both so damn skinny. I like my men with a little meat on their bones. I like my men to be Jensen Ackles actually.

Who do you pick? Tweet me @WilliKilliams and let me know!

May the best fandom win!

Man Crush Monday: Stephen Amell

This past weekend was Comic-Con and people were going wild about it! This is where all of the superhero movies and shows meet with all the other scifi type shows and they all talk about how awesome they are! That is what I got out of it at least. After looking through hundreds of pictures one of the superheroes really stood out to me, Stephen Amell from the show ‘Arrow’.

‘Arrow’ is a show about a millionaire who is also a vigilante or something like that. Personally I have never watched the show but it was one of the favorites on The CW network, which isn’t very hard but it must be pretty good! It is also on the popular tab of Netflix! So there are two things it has going for it.

Let’s get back to Stephen Amell though, how could you not find him attractive? Just the right amount of scruff, incredible body, blue eyes, yeah I am about those looks. He is also tall which is kind of hard to find in Hollywood. Bad news bears though, he is married with a daughter. That only makes him hotter to me because he is a DILF. 

Hope this man crush made your Monday suck a little less!

Well, you asked for it: Stephen Amell obliging complied with a fan's request to shows off his six-pack during a Q&A panel for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday