Channing Tatum & LL Cool J Are Taking A Course At Harvard Business School


On June 2, Harvard Business School Professor Anita Elberse tweeted out a picture showing off he fact that four famous people decided to be students for her four day course, Executive Education on Business of Media, Entertainment and Sports. And those stars would be actor Channing Tatum, rapper James Todd Smith better known as LL Cool J, Chicago Bulls’ Pau Gasol and Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul.

All four of these men are business men in their own right, so it would make sense that they would want to learn from the best, right?

All I can think is someone going up to Channing Tatum and basically reenacting the ‘Legally Blonde’ scene, something like this.

“You got into Harvard Business School?”

Then of course Channing would reply, “what like it’s hard?”

Awesome to see these four guys getting an education though and deciding to learn more about business from probably one of the best teachers in the country.

Damn everyone in Boston though for just telling us that they were taking this class on June 3rd, when the class is over June 4th. How am I going to accidentally run into one of them? I don’t really have much time!

Also good luck to any normal non famous people trying to pay attention when you know Channing Tatum is in the same room as you. For the record Chris Paul and LL Cool J aren’t so bad either.

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Amanda Bynes Posts First Tweet Since Release From Rehab!

ImageAmanda Bynes has finally broken her silence after her long vacation from social media, when she was trying to get her head in order. Honestly, I loved Amanda Bynes’ tweets from back in the day. When she told Drake to murder her vagina, or when she went around calling everyone ugly, I loved that. The thing is that she wasn’t healthy then so I am trying to not love them.

According to reports she has been taking fashion classes and has been doing very well which makes me happy! I do actually hope she ends up back acting sooner rather than later. Truthfully I always liked her!

Good for you Amanda, you are fab and talented, don’t let anyone bring you down!

Amanda Bynes is a free bitch baby!


Amanda Bynes seems to finally be moving forward.

The troubled star “has completed her inpatient rehabilitation and she’s feeling better every day,” her mother’s lawyer, Tamar Arminak tells

Bynes, 27, is said to be recovering at her parents’ Los Angeles home after being hospitalized when she started a fire in a driveway in July, following months of erratic behavior.

“She’s now looking at various colleges with the intention of majoring in fashion design,” the attorney’s statement says. “She’s mentioned before she’s interested in creating a clothing line.”

Bynes’ mom, Lynn Bynes, was granted legal control over her daughter in October.

Although I did love Amanda Bynes calling out Drake every other day and telling Mac Miller to hop on her dick, I am truly happy that she is getting healthier. I think that if she could use that shit in a comedian routine she could be fucking hilarious, she should look into that. Anyway, she is looking at colleges and everything which is really great too. I just hope that it doesn’t turn into when Emma Watson went to college then left because of all the Harry Potter jokes. No one should push this bitch! We saw what happened last time!

At least her and her parent’s are cool, that means they are one step closer to letting her have a good career. Let’s be real, Amanda Bynes was fucking hilarious at age 7, she knows what’s up. She deserves another shot, yeah she burned some bridges, said some fucked up shit but she went to rehab and cleaned up her act. She also got put on some meds to keep her balanced.

I will miss you saying “Murder my vagina” and calling people ugly, Amanda but I hope that you are given time to adjust to the real world. Maybe asshole paparazzi can give you a day before they start chasing you around.