Radiohead, Beyonce, & Kendrick Lamar Headline Coachella 2017!

Whoever made the lineup for Coachella deserves a raise, that is for sure. This lineup is absolutely insane.

Of course the three main headlining acts are Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and Radiohead but there are a ton of other acts that are performing that I would love to see. Then again I am not a rich hipster so I will probably never be at Coachella.

One name that really pops out at me is seeing Lorde. Does this mean we are finally getting new music? It has been far too long since we have heard anything from her debut album. A lot of people hate her voice but her talent is undeniable.

Other than that you have Bon Iver, Mac Miller, Grouplove, Travis Scott, and many more incredible acts!

My favorite though? Hans Zimmer. If you think you don’t know him you do, don’t worry. He is an award winning movie composer. He had composed scores for ‘The Lion King’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Gladiator’, and much more. That will be the trending performance on social media, I am sure of that.

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Listen To ‘Closer’ By The Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey!

I am into this song, I think that it has a nice little catchy beat, that was my thought until Halsey showed up. Halsey is honestly one of my favorite female vocalists out right now, so when she came on for her verse I realized this song is amazing.

So yeah, I think that this song is really good. It has a nice chill vibe and that is probably what they were going for. I could picture laying on the beach at night listening to this song.

Except guess what, you do get old, and end up going to bed at 9 pm. Sorry for that dose of reality.

I really hope that this takes over ‘Cold Water’ on the radio, that would make me very happy.

Also, new song of the summer? Right?

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Ice Cube Brings Out Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, & MC Ren For Coachella

WATCH: N.W.A. Reunites at Coachella! See Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and More Perform Together| N.W.A, The Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Music News, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube

Coachella didn’t deserve this reunion, but it happened. This reunion has been 27 years in the making and it finally happened. Dre and Ice Cube along with DJ Yella and MC Ren got together on stage for a performance, how incredible is that?

The reason I say that Coachella doesn’t deserve this is because listen to that lame ass crowd!

I’m sorry, the biggest rap group of all time just put together a reunion for the first time in 27 years and you aren’t going to scream and be crazy? I bet if fucking Calvin Harris was up there the crowd out go insane. Fucking Coachella.

Anyway the performance was great!

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Kesha Performs “True Colors” With Zedd At Coachella

Kesha has no talent.” “Kesha can’t sing” “Kesha sucks”

What do you have to say now haters? Kesha is up there straight up serving the crowd with her insanely talented vocals!

Kesha is giving me some serious Florance + The Machine vibes with this performance.

There isn’t much left to say and I just hope and pray that she gets out of her Sony deal soon enough so we can be blessed with her talents again.


Also, shout out to Zedd, right when all of the information about Kesha and Sony came out, Zedd tweeted saying he wanted to make music with her. They had to figure out a loophole and here it was, Coachella where magic happens.

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Halsey Brings Brendon Urie On Stage At Coachella

I feel like this has been the duet I have been waiting for my whole life, and I didn’t even know it! I have to say that this crowd is absolutely lame. They are far too quiet for this duet. You all should have been screaming your head off. That’s what happens when there are only famous people in the crowd!

Halsey is incredible and I am glad that she is getting more attention for her talents and Brendon, well his range is insane and his talent is beyond incredible.

Now don’t mind me while I sit and cry about the fact I can’t afford Coachella.

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Olivia Culpo & Patriot’s Player Danny Amendola Attend Coachella Together

Mystery Man: It looks like Olivia wanted to debut her new man at Coachella

Well it looks like my new favorite couple have decided to go public instead of just going on Snapchat and taking pictures or just spending lowkey family time on Easter. These two are ready to go public and I am so ready to see them go public because they are just incredibly beautiful people. I have said it once I will say it again, how do you upgrade from Nick Jonas? I have no idea but somehow Olivia Culpo did by dating Danny Amendola of the New England Patriots.

Everyone was at Coachella over the weekend, from Taylor Swift to Kellan Lutz, literally every spectrum of famous people were there from the D to the A list.

Olivia and Danny look so cute though, right? I am obsessed, whatever.

The couple that dresses together! Olivia and her rumoured beau complimented each other with their black and white outfits

Festival Chic: The pair looked ready to party at the star-studded festival

Puss In Boots: Olivia looked amazing in her over the knee boots and mini black shorts

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Rihanna & Leonardo DiCarpio Hang Out At Coachella 2016


Every year I look at pictures of Choachella and I am reminded of the fact that I am poor, not famous, and that I will never be half as cool as these people running around with flower crowns. It just isn’t in the cards for me at the moment.

Know who is cool enough to go though? Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio. These two absolutely fascinate me. I mean obviously Rihanna could get any man in the world, and Leo could get any woman in the world, they just always seem to find their way back to each other. They have been a rumored item since early 2015 but have reportedly been over for a while now. Yet, they always seem to find each other.

You could say that they found love in a hopeless place.

May these two continue to tease the world with their potential relationship and their obvious beauty.

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The Coachella 2016 Line Up Has Been Announced!

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If Coachella was in the dictionary it would go something like this.

Coachella- Where celebrities dress like hippies, pop some Molly, and enjoy a festival that us normal people would love to see, but unfortunately can’t afford to go to.

I think that about sums it up!

This lineup is pretty incredible though, you can’t deny that. Calvin Harris, Sia, Major Lazer, Guns N Roses, Halsey, Ellie Goulding, and G-Eazy, just to name a few!

I mean if anyone is reading this and needs a blogger and can pay for me, I am totally available. Like totally, just remember that. Keep that in mind. Totally available.

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Selena Gomez Just Can’t Quit Justin Bieber


There is just no quit in this couple that everyone is oh so sick of at this point. Over the weekend Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were both spotted at Coachella wearing ridiculous outfits and being affectionate. Thanks to TMZ these few pictures were snapped to show the encounter.

I am going to say that Selena is heading down that exact same slippery slope that Bieber is sliding down at record speeds. Obviously in her speech she said that you are who you hang out with .Yeah that speech that happened two weeks ago at the WE day thing he did. Well it looks like she is a pot smoking, stripper loving, disrespectful little boy. Yup, Selena you said it so I am just making sure everyone is aware.

Since we all know that Selena went to rehab for like 9 days or some shit like this judging by the pictures it isn’t working. Now for legal reasons I can’t say that she is high or drunk in these pictures but I can say she is having trouble keeping her eyes open. Maybe the lights from the concerts were bright, right? Yeah that was probably it.

Anyway these two are a toxic little couple showing tweens that love them how not to be in a relationship. They don’t know the difference though.

I am going to say that soon we will find out many dirty little secrets about Selena now that she just completely dropped her parents as her managers. Just saying.