Carrie Underwood Looks Stunning On The CMAs Red Carpet

Carrie Underwood, the queen of slaying the red carpet. She seriously looks good in anything she wears. I am pretty sure that she could show up wearing a trash bag and everyone would think it was tres chic. I mean my God she’s gorgeous.

Tonight she is hosting the CMA Awards, and this is her first of many looks tonight.

Bow down to the queen of country, we are not worthy.

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Beyonce Will Perform At The CMAs Tonight!

Photo: Getty Images

Last year the CMAs brought out Justin Timberlake, this year they are doing it big again by bringing out Beyonce for a surprise duet. Yup, that’s right. Beyonce is going back to her country roots and performing tonight!

No word on if she is doing a duet, or a solo performance but she will be there tonight.

Be sure to tune in tonight on ABC at 8 pm!

Texas-bama is going to come out strong tonight!

Other artists set to perform tonight include George Strait, Garth Brooks with Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill, Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris, and more.

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Chris Stapleton & Justin Timberlake Steal The Show At The 2015 CMA Awards

Now listen, Chris Stapleton you are really incredible. I mean your voice is out of this world and your whole look is well, it is great and everything. But you performed with a living legend. You brought Justin Timberlake to country music and that is why I love you ever more.

Let’s be real, when is Justin going to come out with a country album because honestly, I think he would absolutely crush it. It is pretty clear that JT can sing any genre and be great at it. Notice how I said sing because on one feature he rapped and well, let’s never let that happen again.

Personally I think this will be the most watched thing on Youtube from the whole CMA awards, but I do recommend watching the opening with Brad and Carrie because they are always hilarious.

Anyway, the CMA’s should have just ended after this performance because let’s be real, everything was downhill after that.

Check out Justin and Chris singing and tell me what you think here!

Miranda Lambert Steals The Spotlight On The CMA Red Carpet!

Don’t they say that the best revenge is looking better than before? Well, I think that Miranda absolutely did that. I mean she just fucking slayed the red carpet, am I right? She is killing it in a tight black dress, put some pink in her hair, and has a nice little tan. I really think that Miranda looks better than ever before, I mean my goodness Miranda!

Jessica Biel Posts Adorable Picture With Justin Timberlake For Date Night At The CMA Awards

For a couple that spent so much time in hiding, well being private I should say, I am happy that they are finally showing off their love! I mean they are adorable, I don’t care what anyone says. I mean of course a part of me would love for Justin and Britney to make it work, but let’s be real that is probably never going to happen, so I can deal with him and Jessica ending up together.

I also love that they posted a goofy picture, how fucking sweet, I can’t stand it!

Unfortunately they didn’t walk the red carpet together but I will take a cute selfie.

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Miranda Lambert & Meghan Trainor Team Up To Sing ‘All About That Bass’ -CMA’s 2014

Last night was the CMA Awards and everyone was all excited about it because for basically what, the seventh time in a row or something Brad and Carrie were back on stage. They are hilarious together, like the Tina and Amy of the country land, can’t be mad about that.

This was one of my favorite performances of the night simply because I love both Miranda and Melissa. I have no idea why I have such an obsession with Meghan Trainor but I just can’t stop. Maybe it is because she is a Massachusetts girl and we love our own. That is probably most of it. Miranda killed it too though! I really love that crazy bitch, can’t lie.

I do think that they could have done a little bit more in their performance, they were just kind of standing there but hey, it was still good. Sounded good, they looked good. There you go ladies! Also, I think you two should do a duet, just saying.