Scott Eastwood Pays Tribute To Clint Eastwood’s Most Iconic Role

Here it is, Scott Eastwood just reminding us that he looks a lot like his father.

Over the weekend Scott took on the cowboy outfit for the 5th annual Hilarity for Charity to benefit The Alzheimer’s Association over the weekend.

This outfit is of course a nod to Clint’s character, The Man With No Name, and of course Scott crushed the costume. When he was asked what his father thought of the costume, Scott explained that he sent a photo but Clint isn’t big into texting, which is absolutely no surprise to anyone I am sure.

Scott, thank you for dressing up like a cowboy again, it is much appreciated.

Richard Shotwell / AP

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Man Crush Monday: Scott Eastwood

Can I get a hallelujah?! Can I get an amen?! Look at this perfect specimen of a man right there. Clint Eastwood, you have done good when it comes to Scott Eastwood. Now I didn’t see his movie ‘The Longest Ride’ and I probably never will see it. I will tell you what though. I will continue to Google pictures of Scott Eastwood. That jawline, those blue eyes, that gorgeous body. I mean you can’t go wrong with a little Scott Eastwood in your life!

I do wonder if he is going to be a Hollywood star though. I mean he obviously has an incredibly talented father, good looks, but can he act? I don’t know! I am excited to see what happens though!

Happy Monday! I hope that the dreamy Scott Eastwood makes it a little bit better!

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