Man Crush Monday: Kyrie Irving

Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers were able to win the NBA championship, making it the first team to bring back a trophy in Ohio for 50 something years. I have a feeling that everyone is going to be talking about how LeBron carried their team to victory and how he deserves all the credit, but Kyrie Irving sunk the game winning shot, so if you ask me, people should be paying more attention to him.

Kyrie is also one of the most attractive players on the court, I think that is something everyone should be able to agree on. Of course there was all of that drama with his ex but it didn’t hurt his playing at all.

Kyrie is only 24, has his own pair of shoes, now has a championship ring (Do they give rings in this sport? I know they do for football), and has a great career ahead of him!

Congrats on the big win and congrats on your face!

Happy Monday!

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Justin Bieber Gets Into Fist Fight

jbPhoto: TMZ

TMZobtained a video of Justin Bieber getting into a fist fight in Cleveland last night with an unidentified man.

Bieber was in town supporting the Cleveland Cavaliers and there is really no word on what caused the fight or anything so far. By the looks of it the other gentleman bopped Bieber on the head, Bieber threw a right hook and then was thrown around like a rag doll. Security was able to get in between them fairly quick though and no word on Bieber’s injuries if there are any.

Again this is a developing story so that is all we know so far!

It really does look like Justin is on a quick spiral downward.

Be sure to check back for updates!

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