Ciara & Russell Wilson Welcome Baby Girl – Find Out Her Name!

I have no idea where I have been but for the past nine months, or like six, I thought that Ciara and Russell were having a baby boy. I probably even wrote that they were having a girl at some point but I really thought they were having a boy.

Surprise! It’s a girl!

Yesterday at 7:30 pm, Ciara gave birth to a baby girl named Sienna Princess Wilson. Yes, her middle name is Princess.

The couple both took to social media to announce the birth of their little girl and I assume that we will get many photos of their little bundle of joy. They are definitely a social media heavy couple.

Mom and baby are both doing very well! Congrats to the happy, growing family!

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Ciara Shows Off Bare Baby Bump In New Post

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I honestly think that Ciara  and Russell are one of the corniest relationships on the planet. Now I am not saying that it is a bad thing because somehow they pull it off. When they first started dating and talked about not having sex I thought that was a bit much. Now though? Now I love them.

Yesterday Ciara went on Instagram to show off her growing bare baby bump.

It was back in October that Russell and Ciara announced that they were expecting their first child together. Ciara has a son Future who she had with the rapper, Future.

The pregnancy glow that Ciara has right now is absolutely insane. She has always been beautiful but this photo of her showing off her bump? It is absolutely stunning.

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Watch Ciara Pay Tribute To Whitney Houston


Five years ago today the world lost one of the best vocalists of all time, Whitney Houston. There have a been a lot of different dedication type posts but Ciara ‘s is absolutely one of my favorites.

I don’t know how she does it. She is out there pregnant as hell but she can still dance better than I could even dream of dancing. Even though I think that Ciara and Russell are corny as hell it seems like they have a lot of fun together.

Whitney, we miss you. Ciara thank you for this spectacular dance tribute.

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Ciara & Russell Wilson Are Expecting Their First Child Together!

I have such a soft spot for this couple, Ciara and Russell are truly and adorable couple. They have been since they started dating, even though they talked about their sex life, or lack of sex life, a bit too much in my opinion. Whatever though! Obviously they are having it now!

No word on how far along Ciara is, but people have been speculating for the past month or so.

This will be Russell’s first child, and Ciara’s second. She has a child from a previous relationship with rapper Future.

Congrats to the happy couple though! I am sure that he or she will be gorgeous since you’re both genetically blessed.

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Russell Wilson & Ciara Are Officially Married!

I must admit, I really love Russell Wilson and Ciara together, I think that they are so sweet. Russell just seems like such a teddy bear and Ciara, well she is Ciara.

The happy couple got married in England, very classy and Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland were among the celebrities that were in the crowd. Very posh, right?

Now, when these two first got together I thought that they were moving too fast and that it wouldn’t last. It seemed like two weeks in they were talking about how they weren’t going to have sex until marriage or something and I thought it was aggressive. Clearly they made it though, no word on if their no sex thing lasted but if not, have a fun night tonight!

How long do you think until Ciara is pregnant? I give it a week, in one week she will be pregnant and then they will have children with incredible DNA because let’s be real, these two are beautiful.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Ciara & Russell Wilson Couple Up At The Billboard Music Awards!

Now I have to say, Russell Wilson is a very brave man. Why do you ask? He is wearing a velvet jacket and it is about 80 degrees there, so he must be dying. Also Ciara‘s dress is made out of chains, I believe she said, so he is probably getting a burn letting his hand rest on her lower back. So much bravery.

Ciara absolutely owned the red carpet though. I thought that her make up, her dress, everything was on point. She is hosting the award show tonight so I am sure that she will have many changes through out the night!

This couple is adorable though, right? Easily one of my favorite couples in Hollywood.

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Ciara Wears A Barely There Dress To The American Music Awards

My lord Ciara! It is confusing because I feel like she is actually pretty covered up but she is also wearing barely anything. I mean the prints looks absolutely incredible. This is probably one of my favorite looks on the red carpet!

Ciara is just plain sexy, that simple, you can’t deny that. Russel Wilson you are a very lucky man because holy moly. Yup, holy moly!  Ciara is smoking hot and she has been for years, her style has just evolved over time too!

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Russell Wilson and Ciara Are Going to Hold Off on Sex ”Until the Deal Is Sealed”

I am confused. Now listen I think it is great that these two are being so open about the two of them not having sex. I don’t understand but awesome that Russell isn’t pressuring Ciara to have sex, or Ciara pressuring Russell. I just don’t understand why this is such a big deal. It isn’t like they haven’t had sex before. Neither of them are wearing purity rings, so does it count?

I have heard a ton of celebrities, more so young popstars saying that they would hold onto their virginity until marriage, that’s all good and well but then they break that promise. Are these two born again virgins? I don’t think that is a thing but it seems like that is what they are going for. I think that Russell is a born again Christian so maybe that was a way for him to wash away the fact that he has been divorced. I don’t know.

I still don’t think that it works and I don’t think it should be some big deal. Ciara has a child so she isn’t a virgin again, good for her for making a guy wait, but why do you need to go and tell everyone about it. Ciara’s sex life shouldn’t be a pawn for the media to use.

For the record this couple has only been together for like five months, I am going to guess they will be engaged by the end of September! Putting money on it!

Oh Goodie Ciara is Pregnant!


Ciara is a celebrity I actually always genuinely felt bad for because when she first started out as a singer everyone said that she was a man, not cool! Ciara is fucking fabulous and I mean she came out with hits like ‘Oh’, ‘Goodies’, and ‘1,2 Step’ so all you haters can shut the fuck up!

It is pretty cool that Ciara is pregnant not that it effects my life at all. I don’t think it will change anything in the history of celebrity either. I think her fiancee is one of the worst rappers of all time too.

Congrats to the happy couple though and may your child have Ciara’s looks and talent!