Top 15 Girl Power Songs To Listen To In Honor Of The Women’s March!

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As most people know, women are marching across the country today for equal opportunities as men. I am not going to dive into it all, if you don’t agree with me that’s fine. I am not here to argue politics, I am here to help you with a list of songs that will pump you up as you march.

You can march for whatever reasons you want, but it is important that you speak up.

If you are there or just want some songs to empower you, here you go!

15. No Scrubs – TLC

14. Fighter – Christina Aguilera

13. Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys

12. Keep Ya Head Up – Tupac

11. That’s My Girl – Fifth Harmony

10. Stronger – Britney Spears

9. Independent Women – Destiny’s Child

8. Man I Feel Like A Woman – Shania Twain

7. I Will Survive – Gloria Gayner

6. Wannabe – Spice Girls

5. I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan

4. R-E-S-P-E-C-T – Aretha Franklin

3. Bitch – Meredith Brooks

2. Who Run The World? – Beyonce

1. Can’t Hold Us Down – Christina Aguilera ft Lil’ Kim

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Are Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Recording A Duet?

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The Britney and Christina rivalry has been a thing since the late 90’s.The two came out with their first singles around the same time, they were even in the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ together.

Both of them said that the rivalry was completely fiction and made up by the media, but I don’t believe that, not for one second. For one I know girls. We get jealous and salty easily, I can’t even imagine how I would act if I was losing out on performances due to someone else.

Maybe it wasn’t as intense as the media made it but right after Britney and Justin broke up, Christina did go on tour with Justin. So I mean, I am just going to sip my tea on that one.

It looks like the two of them are ready to bury the hatchet though, apparently Christina registered a song with Britney on it as well.

Can you even imagine how fast that would sell? Nostalgia is so hot right now, if these two decide to join forces, that single would be #1 on Itunes so fast.

Please give me this single. Please let this be real life.

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14 Years Ago “Beautiful” By Christina Aguilera Was Released

Whether you love or hate this song, you know every damn word to at least the first verse of “Beautiful”, don’t even lie, you know you do! Christina decided to get deep when she released “Beautiful” , which was just after “Dirty” so she seemed to want to clean up her act just a little bit. Maybe? I don’t know. She was all about that woman empowerment at that time.

Can I believe that it has been 14 years though? No, that’s complete insanity. This song is a great one to belt out though, especially alone in your car, try it, it is theraputic.

Never forget, you are beautiful.

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Christina Aguilera Debuts New Song ‘Change’ & Dedicates It To Victims Of Orlando

“The horrific tragedy that occurred in Orlando continues to weigh heavily on my mind. I am sending so much love and so many prayers to the victims and their families. Like so many, I want to help be part of the change this world needs to make it a beautiful inclusive place where humanity can love each other freely and passionately, we live in a time of diversity, in a time of endless possibilities, in a time where expression of oneself is something to be celebrated. And I am left wondering how people filled with so much love could be taken by so much hate. Though there is such heavy sadness I believe that there is much more love in the world than we know. We need to learn to love again, we need to learn that one person does make a difference; we need to keep love in our hearts. As Nelson Mandela once said, ‘No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. We all have the choice to spread love, encourage individuality and make a difference to others – we are all in this together, as one, united in love.” (credit)

Sometimes you head a song that really strikes a cord and it can’t be ignored. This is how I feel about the song ‘Change’, a song that everyone should listen to.

Christina, you slayed me girl. Let’s be real, she is absolutely out of this world with her vocal range. The fact that she is giving all proceeds to the victims of the Orlando tragedy just makes me love the song more. That is a truly stand up thing to do, something all artists should do, donate proceeds to a cause that is worth it.

Check out the song below, but if you’re at work wait because you might quietly cry while trying to hide behind your computer monitor. Not like I did that or anything..

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Christina Aguilera Debuts New Hair Color

Hot damn Christina! This may be hotter than her X-Tina days! Actually, my favorite look was the short jet black hair, but this is a close second! Christina is coming in hot!

For the past however many years Christina has stuck with the platinum blonde hair color that made her famous. However, I think that this is a really great change for her.

She reminds me of Jessica Rabbit with this hair color, kind of reminds me of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow too. I mean either one is a good thing and a great compliment.

God bless this look!

New music, new hair, hopefully her new music will come out soon too. Word on the street is that it should be out by the end of 2016, but nothing is confirmed just yet!

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The War Between P!NK & Christina Aguilera Is Finally Over!

As many people remember P!nk and X-Tina had a very highly publicized feud in the earl 2000’s. After Lady Marmalade came out P!nk had a few choice words about X-Tina in her ‘Behind The Music’ documentary on VH1.

It seems as though 15 years later though, they have been able to move past their little fight that they had. During an interview recently she was asked who she had the most fun working with on ‘The Voice’ and she said this.

Honestly, I’m gonna say Christina! Because her and I have history and it hasn’t always been wonderful, but finally I think it just took us 15 years, and I feel like there was true love. And it felt really good. I love when you’re around long enough to have a full circle moment and that was a full circle moment for me because, In all honesty I’m a fan of hers and it was just a really refreshing, nice visit.

In case you forgot, here is the interview where P!nk has a few things to say about Christina.

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16 Years Ago Christina Aguilera Told Us “What a Girl Wants”

Do you ever hear something and think, okay I am getting old that’s for sure. I mean I am only in my 20’s so I know I am not all that old but things like this make me feel it.

I can remember this song taking over TRL and every pop station in 2000. It was a perfect blend of pop and Christina could actually sing. The battle between Britney and Christina was at it’s peak and this is personally one of my favorite Christina songs.

Think of this though, this song is older than most sophomores in high school, how terrifying is that?

Enough about that though, enjoy the throwback!

One more thought, I wish music videos were still this choreographed and awesome.

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The Most Anticipated Albums Of 2016 According To Rolling Stone

I agree with Rolling Stone magazine 100% on their list of most anticipated albums. Let’s be real at this point Rihanna’s album will probably never be released. She was supposed to release it on Black Friday then for some reason it was pushed back to another date, which she hasn’t decided on.

I do agree with the whole top ten though, mostly in that order. New music from X-tina is absolutely needed. Her voice is fucking incredible and unfortunately she went through a bit of a rough time so she was kind of a cast off for a little while. It is still Britney vs Christina though, look at that, pinning them right next to each other. I see what you are up to Rolling Stone, you don’t fool me!

Katy Perry, will we have a response to ‘Bad Blood’ ? That is my only question for her.

2016 should be a good year for music, I think we can all agree on that.

What album are you more excited for? I can’t lie I am ready for Zayn Malik‘s album to come out just so we can compare it to One Direction‘s new stuff. I want to see if it is a hit or a flop too, we are all curious, right?

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Christina Aguilera Does Britney Spears Impression on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon play Wheels of Impressions

Alright first things first, I have a new love for X-Tina that I wasn’t even aware was there. She absolutely slayed the three impressions that she was given by Jimmy Fallon. I will say, I still do not like Jimmy Fallon, he tries too hard. X-Tina on the other hand kills it.

Her Britney impression is so on point it is scary, it is genuinely a bit terrifying how much she sounds like her former rival. They can say that they weren’t rivals, but we all know the truth, they were rivals.

Just take a look for yourself because the impression is incredible.

Gaga & X-Tina absolutely kill “Do What U Want” last night

So I am a little late with this video because I don’t watch The Voice, I try but I feel like there are just way too many rounds to keep up with. Plus Usher isn’t on it this season so why would I watch? Anyway, I saw this video and I was like, oh no, X-Tina is trying to make yet another come back. Her Say Something song is good but boring, I was terrified. Then she came out and her and Gaga did absolutely incredible! I am so pleasantly surprised by this!

The thing I love the most is that it looks like a weird 70’s performance. The outfits are stupid looking and X-Tina is rocking a huge ass fro! I mean it was perfect, her and Gaga danced around holding hands, I do have a question though, does this mean that these two are going to come out a collaboration? They should.

Gaga and X-tina 2014, Make it happen ladies! Also this is much better than having R.Kelly in it, just saying.