Chris Evans Rocks Blue On The 2017 Oscars Red Carpet

When Chris Evans isn’t being the perfect human, like getting into Twitter wards with a former KKK leader, he is walking the red carpet. That’s right. He is basically always a hero for the people and that is something I will forever respect.

Most guys at the Oscars will wear a simple black tux, it will be fitted perfectly and all of that stuff but rarely do you see color. I give Chris a lot of credit hear for wearing some color.

Let’s be real, he isn’t stupid. He knew that wearing blue would bring out those baby blue eyes.

Good looks Chris, always good looks.

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Watch Chris Evans React To The Patriots Winning Super Bowl 51

Image result for chris evans patriots

In case you didn’t know Chris Evans was born in Massachusetts and is a huge Boston sports fan. The last time the Patriots were in the Super Bowl, he and Chris Pratt made a bet on who would win. The Patriots came out on top and Chris Pratt had to wear a Patriots jersey.

This time around, he didn’t make any bets on who would win but we were lucky enough someone recorded his reaction to the big over time win!

Check out Captain America losing his shit, it’s adorable.

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Chris Evans, Margot Robbie, & More Star In The Latest Edition Of “Mean Tweets”

The “Mean Tweets” segment on Jimmy Kimmel absolutely kills me, it always has. I am surprised that one of my tweets hasn’t been up there yet.

There are a lot of people that really hate this segment because they think it is mean, well guess what? Twitter is a mean place! If you can’t handle the heat get out of the social media.

For the record, the one they had Margot Robbie read was not mean, it was straight up disgusting. I kind of hate that they made her read that one when there were probably actual mean ones out there.

The Paul Rudd one was my favorite. There you have it!

Check it out!

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Chris Evans & Jenny Slate Are Still Going Strong

Image Source: Splash News Online/popsugar

Well it looks like Chris Evans is still dating Jenny Slate. Although I don’t have a shot it still kind of bums me out. Chris is easily one of the hottest guys in Hollywood and actually seems like a very nice guy, so I wish I was dating him. Yes, I am jealous, okay? Is that what you wanted to hear? Fine, I am lime green jello of Jenny Slate.

The two reportedly started dating just after Jenny announced she was divorcing her husband and the two have been spotted together ever since, they even made their first official appearance as a couple!

Chris was in town to accept his award at the Teen Choice Awards where he awkwardly stumbled through his acceptance speech. Of course he knew he was going to win so I was hoping he would’ve planned a better speech! It’s okay though because he adorable.

How long do we give these two? I think it’s going to last, that is my personal opinion.


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Chris Evans & Jenny Slate Couple Up At The Secret Life of Pets Premiere

PDA! Jenny Slate put her hand on Chris Evans during the NYC premiere of The Secret Life Of Pets on Saturday

Are you ready to cry? Chris Evans is off the market. It has been confirmed that he is in fact dating actress Jenny Slate, who lends her voice to the new  ‘Secret Life of Pets’ movie.

The two have been rumored to be dating for a while but now it is confirmed. The couple showed up with Chris’ nephew and they apparently had a great day together. All together. Chris Evans is no longer single, don’t mind me while I shed a few tears.

The couple met on the set of their film ‘Gifted’ which is said to be released sometime in early 2017. Since then the rumors swirled and it looks like they are making it official.

I wish them nothing but the best but I think it’s still okay to be a little sad that Chris Evans is taken.

Close as can be: UsWeekly first broke the news that they were dating back in May

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New Trailer For ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Has A Spiderman Cameo

Here we go! Time to make Marvel world even bigger than it already it! Now I don’t have a lot of knowledge about superheroes, I have seen the Avenger’s movies but other than that I am blissfully ignorant to the fandom and everything like that.

I will say this movie does look pretty awesome though considering my favorite is in it, Black Widow of course. I really hope that one day they make a movie surrounding her because Scarlett deserves it!

Check out the trailer below!

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Who Would You Rather? Scott Eastwood or Chris Evans

Here are Celebrities Are Tragic, I like to keep things as serious as possible. This is one of those topics that I need to take a step back and think about. I need to really think about things like who would I rather bang, Chris Evans or Scott Eastwood. What a tough choice. How can one really choose between these two certified hotties?

Honestly, I would choose Scott every day and twice on any day that ends in a y. See what I did there?

Now listen, Chris is a good looking guy, don’t get me wrong. He can pull off literally any type of haircut and he looks good with both facial hair and when he is clean shaven. There is just something about Scott that I love. It is probably his jawline, his eyes, his love for animals, his insane body, and the fact that his dad is Clint Eastwood doesn’t hurt either.

So I volunteer as tribute to marry Scott Eastwood, don’t worry ladies I will bite the bullet.

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Best Dressed Men At The 2016 Golden Globes

Award nights are not just fun for the women, the men tend to get dressed up and look dapper as hell as well. This year though, there was a lot of velvet and bow-ties, which I found a bit strange but I also liked. Most men just throw on a suit and call it a day but I put together a list of the best dressed men to walk the red carpet last night! If you are interested the list of best dressed women was done last night by two very talented guest bloggers! I highly recommend that you check it out!

I think we can all agree that all these men look great, some just fill out suits better than others, that simple.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, Golden Globe Awards

9. Jamie Foxx (Pictured with his daughter)

8. Rob Lowe

7.Liev Schreiber

6. Chris Evans

5. Kevin Hart

4. Dwayne Johnson (pictures with daughter)

3. Sam Heughan

2.Orlando Bloom

1.Rami Malek

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Chris Evans & Jared Leto Could Be Starring In Film Adaptation Of ‘The Girl On The Train’

Jared Leto and Chris Evans are reportedly circling roles in the upcoming film The Girl on the Train, based on the best-selling novel of the same title!

Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson andHaley Bennett are already signed on for the cinematic adaptation of the popularPaula Hawkins book.

Chris would play Tom, the ex husband of Emily‘s character. Jared would play the husband of Haley‘s character, THRreports. The one snafu of this amazing casting news could be scheduling, because both actors are extremely busy with upcoming projects. (credit)

I have yet to this book but I do plan to before the movie comes out. I mean the fact that Emily Blunt has signed up, and let’s be real her career is on a real hot streak at the moment. Then these two as leading men? Well this is something I can get behind. So much beauty in one film.

Considering they already mentioned it may no happen due to busy schedules kind of bums me out. Why even put this idea in my head? Why even give me the idea that these two could potentially be in a movie? Know why? They want us to get sucked in already. The producers and whoever else want us to get ready for this movie and by saying these two hotties are going to be in it, well it just makes us want to go and see it even more!

I am onto you producers, directors, and whoever else is involved in this. You can’t get by me!

Seriously though let me know what you think of this potential casting and if I should read the book here.

Top Ten Best Dressed Men Of The 2015 Oscars!

There are no guest bloggers for this post, just my own opinions! I think that I can tell if a man looks good in a suit, so I didn’t need any help with this! Now last night most men showed up wearing a black and white tux of some type. I did notice more bow-ties than usual, and I can’t stand bow-ties. Some people could pull them off while others fell short.

Let’s see who made us swoon the most this year!

10. JK Simmons

This is probably a weird pick but I think that JK was killing it on the red carpet last night! Look at his swagger! He has a chain, a hat, his pocket square matches his wife’s dress. I love it, everything about it.

9. John Stamos

Have mercy! Am I right? I mean what in the world is John Stamos doing at the Oscars, that is something I don’t know. I do know that he showed up looking as handsome as ever! I love the red pocket square to give the suit a bit of color as well. I have some to the conclusion that John Stamos will forever be attractive, this is just another photo of him on a red carpet to prove my case.

8. Ansel Elgort

Last night Ansel Elgort was a presenter but to be honest, I think that one day he could be nominated. I believe that he is right up there when it comes to actors of the future. I like that he went with dark blue, he is young, so he should have a little bit of fun with his outfit. The bow-tie is a little off, but hey, we can straighten that right up!

7. John Legend

1424656076964_best dressed oscars _0002_7

Let’s be honest, does John Legend ever look bad? I mean the suit fits him perfect, his hair is cut perfect, his face is perfect. John always looks incredible, the Oscars wasn’t any different.

6. Miles Teller

Miles Teller is just so handsome, am I right? He reminds me of a young Vince Vaughn, everything about him does actually. Although this picture doesn’t do it justice the suit was actually a very dark navy blue which looked great on him! I don’t love how the sleeves are cuffed or how tight the pants are. I will say that some how he pulls this off though. As I said about Ansel, I do believe that we will be seeing a lot more of Miles in the future.

5. David Oyelowo

To be totally honest even though they said David’s last name a million times, I can still not sure how to say it. I love the cranberry suit though, I love it a lot actually. I like when people take a chance on a different color, I think that it shows a lot of courage considering most people want the Oscars to be simply black and white attire, very proper. Looking good David!

4. Chris Evans

1424656076965_best dressed oscars _0003_6

Let’s be real who doesn’t love seeing Chris Evans in a perfectly tailored suit, am I right? This is perfectly fit to his body, he looks incredible. I love the scruff and his blue eyes. There’s not much else to say!

3. Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne, 2015 Academy Awards

Eddie killed it the entire awards season! He won award after award, and he always looked good on the red carpet! Last night was no different! I must say, I wasn’t aware that his legs were so long, is that an odd thing to notice? This picture doesn’t show it but he also had a nice accent piece in a watch. Congrats on your big win Eddie and congrats on looking so good!

2. Neil Patrick Harris

The man of the hour gets the number two stop! I must say, I don’t love David’s suit, he kind of looks like a waiter, but Neil looks great! I love the charcoal suits, I always have and I always will! He also did an incredible job hosting the show, so bravo to him!

1. Michael Strahan

I love everything about Michael’s look, I genuinely think that he looks incredible. The black accents on the suit, the dark gray color of the suit. He is just killing it. Honestly, who would have thought that a former NFL player would win the red carpet for the Oscars? Not me, but I am glad he did!