Chris Colfer Has Been Let Go From Glee

Well color me shocked that ‘Glee’ is letting go of Chris Lady Humell Colfer. He tweeted that more information would be given later but I just can’t believe it! He said that it was a personal issue, and I need to know it. I need to know it right now! Coming up on the one year anniversary of Cory Montieth’s death the cast needs to stay together!

Why would they get rid of Kurt because that means Blaine is going to be gone, so much drama! Truth is I haven’t watch this show since, I don’t know three years ago maybe. It is just a sinking ship and I bet that Chris wanted to be off of the show, he has talent. He has already written a book, and starred in his own movie. Glee isn’t the end of the road for him like it is for some of the stars, who I shall not name.

Can you really blame him if it was his choice to leave though? He needed to jump ship before it completely sunk. I am just curious as to how people well Gleeks are going to react to him leaving the show. Are there even any Gleeks left?

So what do you think about Chris leaving Glee?