Chloe Grace Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham Have Reportedly Broken Up

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Oh young love, how it can go from being so beautiful to breaking up within minutes.

Chloe, 19, and Brooklyn, 17, have reportedly called it quits after dating on and off for the past two or so years. Which means they could potentially get back together and be adorable again!

For the first,maybe year, of their relationship the two were very quiet about their romance then they started to tell the world and I was hoping they would last. You can never root for teenagers though, they always break up. It is just like the rules.

They are both very talented and some of the hottest people in young Hollywood so I am sure they will be fine. Maybe they will get back together though and continue to be adorable. Fingers crossed!

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Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham Make Their Red Carpet Debut

Is it weird to say that I really love this couple? Considering Chloe is 19 and Brooklyn is 17, it is probably a little weird I hope they get married. Come on, these two are freaking adorable and have been dating for a while now, even though they tried to keep it quiet for the longest time.

I mean I don’t want to say I was ahead of the times but I wrote about them back in 2014, so I guess you could say I was ahead of everyone else. I also expressed that I hope they get married, so my feelings haven’t changed one bit.

They have both just recently started to express their relationship through Instagram and Chloe has mentioned him in a few interviews now. She told Andy Cohen that she just decided to admit to it because people now left them alone more, which I can understand. Nobody likes secrets and now that they aren’t well, a secret, nobody cares.

I must say, Brooklyn was kind of goofy looking as a kid but those A+ genes kicked in obviously, he is growing into a good looking young man. Yes, I said young man, does that mean I am getting old? Probably.

They were also spotted looking adorable at the after party where it looks like Chloe lost some of her dress.

I have high hopes for this couple! Don’t let me down you guys, just go get married now, okay? Bye.

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Did Kanye West Hack Kim Kardashian’s Twitter?

As most people know yesterday Kim wanted the attention back on her and posted a nude picture on her Instagram. Well a mostly nude picture, she did put black bars over her private areas but that was all. Again it was nothing that we haven’t seen before considering how she made a name for herself.

Anyway, Bette Midler, a comedian posted this tweet, to me it was something the late, great Joan Rivers would have said.

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz came out and tweeted this

And then Kanye stole Kim’s twitter and went insane. Why do I think it was Kanye and not Kim? Well number one, Kanye is not stable, I don’t care what anyone says. Number two, Kim ignores all of that hate. She gets a lot of it for different reasons but she actually does a really good job at ignoring whatever people say to her. I hardly think that Bette Midler and Chloe Grace Moretz would be the two people to really get under her skin.

Kim get Kanye off of your account.
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The Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Trailer Is Here

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At first I as nervous about them doing a sequel to ‘Neighbors’ because I loved that movie. I genuinely thought it was hilarious and it is still hilarious to watch. Zac, Seth, and Rose all have such great chemistry, so could you see my worry?

After watching the trailer though it looks pretty funny. Obviously it is the same exact concept but I don’t care. Seth Rogen is a comedic genius, yup I said it. So anything that he is in will most likely be funny. Well anything other than ‘The Green Hornet’ that wasn’t funny at all.

Check out the trailer below and tell me what you think!

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Chloe Grace Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham Make An Adorable Couple

Which way to VIP? Once inside, Brooklyn and Chloë convened in the lobby to await their VIP passes alongside a tall guy pal/bodyguard

So Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham have been apparently dating for a while and I think that it is absolutely adorable, it is like Justin and Selena except way sweeter. Brooklyn was her date to the MTV Movie Awards and recently they were spotted out at an Ed Sheeran concert.

Moretz is 17, and Beckham is only 15 but it looks like age doesn’t matter at the moment. I never understood the whole dating younger men when you are a teenager thing that Hollywood starlets seem to do but in this case I do understand. You do realize who Brooklyn’s father is right? Yup, that is right, David Beckham! You know what that means? It means he is going to grow up and be totally banging. Right now he is just adorable because I would seem extra creepy if I used any other terminology to address his looks.

Another completely adorable fact is that he supported her at her “If I Stay” premier by attending and apparently leaving with her after the party.

I hope to see more of this couple and I hope they get married, too fast too soon? Don’t care!

Three months strong? The London-born Englishman and his Florida-born belle have also been seen attending the Young Hollywood Awards on August 10

Just friends? And last week, Beckham sweetly supported Moretz at the premiere of Chloë's latest film, If I Stay