‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Chelsea & Cole DeBoer Welcome Baby Boy!

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‘Teen Mom 2’ favorite Chelsea DeBoer (formally Houska) welcomed a baby boy with her husband Cole early this morning! The couple had announced that they were expecting earlier in the summer and posted adorable photos on Instagram all the way up until his birth!

The couple wed in a small intimate ceremony in October.

Chelsea and Cole also revealed baby Deboer’s name, Watson  Cole DeBoer which is freaking adorable. Chelsea also has a seven year old daughter Aubree from a previous relationship, but this is Cole’s first child.

Congrats to the happy family, check out the adorable pictures below!

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Watson Cole

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Welcome to the world, sweet boy 💙

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Chelsea & Cole DeBoer Are Having a Baby Boy!

Yes, I watch the ‘Teen Mom‘ franchise and yes, I am way too involved in their lives, like I actually give a shit. Knowing that Chelsea and Cole are having a little boy absolutely warms my heart. These two are my favorite couple in the whole franchise and I hope that they have a ton of kids together because they will definitely be genetically blessed.

The couple took to Instagram to share the exciting news with fans of the show!

Congrats to the couple and I can’t wait to see it all play out whenever ‘Teen Mom 2’ comes back to our screens!

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Marries Cole DeBoer

Over the weekend ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer were married in a small ceremony. Chelsea is currently expecting their first child together, Chelsea also has a daughter Aubrey from a previous relationship. It looks like these two love birds decided to get married though, even with Chelsea’s baby bump! Look, there is nothing wrong with being pregnant on your wedding day, people were just curious if she would hold off until she had baby DeBoer.

According to Chelsea herself, the ceremony was small with just their closest friends and family, but they are planning on having a bigger ceremony once their baby is born.

A very big congratulations to the happy couple, may you have a lifetime of happiness!

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“Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska Is Expecting Baby Number Two!

Chelsea Houska is absolutely a fan favorite when it comes to “Teen Mom 2”, she is one who put her daughter first, and waited for a good guy to come around before having another child.

Earlier this year Chelsea became engaged to Cole and the two are reportedly getting married in October. During this past season Chelsea said that she absolutely wanted to wait until after their wedding for their first child but it looks like things have changed! Chelsea and Cole are expecting their first child together! Chelsea of course has Aubrey from a previous relationship but from the looks of it, Aubrey loves Cole and is probably excited for a little brother or sister.

Congrats to the happy couple! That baby is going to be good looking for sure!

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Is Engaged To Cole DeBoer!

I am so happy for these two you would think that I am actually going to be invited to the wedding or something. I mean if they film it for MTV, it’s almost like I was there, right?

‘Teen Mom 2’ is one of the shows I watch religiously and usually live tweet (if you’re interested my handle it @WilliKilliams) then talk about with my friends. Seriously, I fucking love this show and Chelsea is my favorite. Out of the two sets of girls, Chelsea has always been my favorite and she spent so much time obsessing over loser Adam, but now she has Cole. Cole the man who literally looks like a human Ken doll.

I am seriously so happy for these two, if you want to give an interview for free after the wedding let me know.

Again I am irrationally happy for these two and can’t wait until they have genetically gifted babies of their own. Then they can have their own spin off show on MTV when ‘Teen Mom 2’ is over.

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Returns! Watch the Season 6 Trailer Here!

Oh my god can it please be July 9th already? Listen I love the original Teen Moms, don’t get me wrong but this crop of misfits, well they are incredible. They all have just the right amount of crazy that makes them even more fun to watch. Let’s be real they have the gift that keeps on giving, Jenelle Evans. You may think that she is back on track then BOOM she is arrested again.

I will say something probably weird but I don’t really care. I have a huge lady boner for Chelsea Houska, she is freaking incredible. I follow her on social media, and all of that nonsense, she is someone who actually had their on right.

Drama, drama, drama, can’t wait to watch the train wreck happen!