Tom Hardy Walks The Oscars Red Carpet With Wife Charlotte Riley

Photo credit : Getty Images

Do you ever get sad that Tom Hardy is married? I do too. He is one of the best looking men out there and here is he, getting married and being happy. Why would he do that? That is so selfish!

Okay, these two look absolutely adorable on the red carpet and I actually think that they are a beautiful couple.

I hope Tom brings the award home tonight, he deserves the award! I swear he is one of the best actors out there and doesn’t always get the attention that he deserves!

Is it weird my favorite part of his outfit is the little chain hanging from his waist? I love it.

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Tom Hardy & His Wife Charlotte Riley Have A Baby On The Way!

Tom Hardy wife Charlotte Riley pregnant Legend premiere

This past week Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte announced that they were expecting their first child together in a big. Homegirl just showed up at Tom’s movie premier showing off her growing bump! How awesome is that? She isn’t even trying to hide it like many celebrities do. Nope, she is showing off that she got pregnant by easily one of the hottest men on the planet.

This is the first child for the married couple, well together at least, Tom actually has a son from a previous relationship. I was going to say Tom was finally an official DILF but apparently he has been a DILF for about seven years now!

Congrats to the happy couple and may I just say that baby is going to have some incredible genes from both sides!