Charlie Sheen Reportedly Has HIV And Is Opening Up To ‘Today’ About It


Charlie Sheen will reveal to the world that he’s HIV positive.

Sources connected to NBC’s “Today” tell TMZ … Sheen will sit down with Matt Lauer on Tuesday morning to make the announcement.

NBC touted the interview in a press release as Sheen making a “revealing personal announcement.”

A tabloid report came out Monday claiming Sheen’s been keeping the diagnosis secret for years. You’ve gotta imagine he’ll address that report tomorrow morning on “Today.” (credit)

Is it bad if I say that I am not really surprised by this at all? I mean since Charlie Sheen was fired from ‘Two and a Half Men’ he has been on a binge of cocaine and strippers. If there is any Hollywood actor I would guess had HIV, it would be Charlie Sheen.

Magic Johnson has had AIDs for like 20 years and thanks to money he is still alive, so I am sure Charlie Sheen will stay alive as well.

Guess that tiger blood wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Charlie Sheen really hates DCFS


Charlie Sheen is sipping on that tiger blood again and there is no way to deny that after reading his twitter. Thanks to TMZ for taking a screenshot of this bad boy. If one thing is for sure it is that Charlie Warlock Sheen really fucking hates the Depart of Children and Family Services. He hates them more than he hates the creators of 2 and a half men, so that has to mean something!

Then again I would be pissed too if my ex-wife who is a known drug bag has my kids in possession too. The low down is that Denise Richards was taking care of both of the kids, then the kids went too fucking crazy, and now she had to give them to the state. The state decided Brooke was more fit than Charlie and boom, this happened.

All I can say is that the Warlock is out for blood and right now if I was working for the DCFS I would be absolutely terrified.