Charlie Puth Drops New Song & Video For “Attention”

Charlie Puth is back with dropping hits.

It is pretty clear that Charlie is one of the more talented young artists out there, he writes his own music, plays instruments, and writes for other people. Let’s also be happy that he cut his hair, no more mop which we can all appreciate.

This song “Attention” has a 90’s vibe to me, late 90’s early 2000’s, and I am not complaining at all. I love that, that specific sound is coming back, no complaints here!

I kind of feel like this song is just a ton of shade to Bella Thorne.

So Bella Thorne, welcome to your tape.

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Bella Thorne Defends Herself After Charlie Puth Drama

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I am still not totally sure what Bella Thorne does other than date male celebrities, comment on Demi Lovato‘s Instagram posts, and dye her hair. That is truly all that I know about her.

Well there was a tone of drama between her and Charlie Puth this week, and Bella has decided that she wanted to share her side of the story. She tried to play the whole thing cool, called Charlie out for being butt hurt.

Bella, stop. You shouldn’t have responded at all. She also disabled comments on her Instagram after their break up since everyone was shitting on her.

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Charlie Puth Calls Out Bella Thorne For Playing Him

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Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Well that fling between Charlie Puth and Bella Thorne didn’t last long at all. The couple is already over and Charlie isn’t being quiet about how he feels about the whole situation.

Here’s what he had to say after Bella posted a photo of her embracing her ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey.

After these tweets were posted, Bella replied by tweeting out this.

screenshot credit

Now I am sure that Charlie feels pretty stupid because Bella made him look a bit dumb. Bella goes through guys very quick and that is all I know her for. I genuinely have no idea what else she does.

Let’s be real though, these two have been dating for like 15 seconds. If Charlie is this upset over a break up this quick, I would hate to see him in an actual relationship.

Can we now stop talking about Bella Thorne? Until she dates her next victim of course.

Also one last note to Bella, it looks like you two were a bit more than “just friends”, don’t play dumb.

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Bella Thorne & Charlie Puth Are Reportedly Dating

Singer Charlie Puth and man eater Bella Thorne were seen together today in Malibu. The alleged new couple was scene strolling along the beach while Charlie wore a beach appropriate outfit, and Bella wore thigh high boots.

Listen, I have no problem with women dating different men, especially in their twenties. Know who Bella is though? She is that girl on your Facebook newsfeed who gets a new boyfriend every week and claims to love them two weeks later, then posts things about how some men can’t handle a real woman after they break up.

I don’t even know what Bella Thorne does other than comment on Demi Lovato’s Instagram photos and date different guys. She went from Gregg Sulkin , to Tyler Posey, and now apparently Charlie Puth.

She ain’t got no type.

I would ask if you guys shipped it but this ship will sink before it even sets sail.

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Charlie Puth Offers To Play At Fan’s Wedding

To be honest, I haven’t had much of an opinion on Charlie Puth until now. I mean I always thought that his voice was alright, but he was a talented song writer. Charlie actually writes all of his own songs, plays piano, and is a pretty talented guy. After doing a bit of research he definitely isn’t your average typical pop star. He went to Berkley college of music, so he is actually educated when it comes to music, very impressive.

Last night he performed at Brighton Music Hall in Brighton, MA and during his show he played a fan favorite “Then There’s You” a fan in the crowd yelled out how that was giong to be his wedding song. Charlie immediately acknowledged the fan and started to talk to him saying that he would actually perform the song at their wedding. He even told them to go and talk to his tour manager and they would work something out.

Can you even imagine that? Seeing one of your favorite artists live and having a moment to be able to yell out how their song is going to be your wedding song, them hearing you and agreeing to play at your wedding? Maybe next time I am at a concert I will just yell that out, then let them know that they just agreed to play something that will most likely be ten years in the future, but they still agreed.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a full video but here is just a clip where you see Charlie’s reaction after he hears the fan!
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Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez Release ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’

I give this song an astounding meh. It started off really good then I just got sick of it. Selena and Charlie’s voices go together very well but like most music now it is so thoughtless. The repetitiveness of the song really drives me absolutely nuts.

What do you guys think? I will probably like it after a few more listens, sometimes when a song literally has like four lyrics it bothers me though.

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Meghan Trainor & Charlie Puth Make Out On Stage At The 2015 AMAs

Well okay guys, I get it you two are singing a song about getting it on and then you want to make out on stage. This was a brilliant move, let’s be real it will be one of the most talked about moments of the show. So far it has been a pretty good show but this moment is still burned in my memory. Especially the full on hand grab by Charlie, shit dude relax.

Let me add they continued to make out when the song ended, which surprised me for sure, I mean you can’t deny that.

I guess it makes sense though, right? If you are going to sing a song about getting it on, you need to do something.

Are these two a couple? Does anyone know that? Was this little make out was just for fun?

Click here and let me know what you think!