Charlamagne Tha God Isn’t Here For The “Cash Me Outside” Girl

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In case you aren’t away of who Charlamagne The God is, he hosts the insanely popular Breakfast Club radio show in New York City. He has everyone in the hip hop and rap community on his show, along with other prominent celebrities. The show is definitely one of the most popular out there too.

You also may recognize him from MTV’s ‘Guy Code’ along with ‘Girl Code’.

Hell, Charlamagne had a shout out from Drake in his “Back 2 Back” song the he released last summer.

So basically if you’re on his show you are a somebody and it’s a great platform to promote whatever it is that an artist is trying to promote.

Unfortunately the country has made Danielle Bregoli aka the Cash Me Outside girl famous. In case you weren’t aware America is really good at making fucking idiots famous. This girl is only 13 though, so maybe I am being too harsh. She just seems really awful and is being rewarded for that behavior.

My dislike for the girl is a blog for a different day.

It looks like she reached out, well her people reached out to C Tha God about having her on the show. Look at his response below, it’s perfect.

Here’s to hoping that this girl’s 15 minutes is up soon.

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