Nick Jonas Releases New Single Entitled “Chains”

Nick Jonas, Chains

Number one, Nick Jonas is straight up killing it in that cover shot for his single, I think we can all agree with that. Alright number two, Nick Jonas’ new song is a really good one. Now I was never a big Jonas Brothers fan, I thought that they sounded whiney and that was mostly because it was Joe singing, we isn’t as talented as people like to believe.

Listening to Nick’s first solo release, at least I think it is his first solo release, he kills it. The song is absolute fire and I will be purchasing it for sure. If this is just a sign of things to come, I am extremely excited, can’t lie about that one.

Now here is what we need, a Nick and Demi Lovato collaboration and by that I mean, they need to get married. Both young talented musicians, who cares if she dated his brother! Nick is better looking and a better singer. Clearly he is going to have a good solo career, can’t hate that.

Check out the song below! What do you think of it?