Jessa (Duggard) Seewald Is Pregnant!

Jessa Duggar Pregnant, Expecting First Child with Husband Ben Seewald

My favorite cult like family is getting another member!

No surprise here right? I mean the Duggard’s don’t believe in contraception and Ben is a complete babe. Good for you Jessa! You nailed a good looking guy right there. I mean when you don’t have your first kiss until your wedding day, I feel like there are a lot of hormones that just all come at once, no one knows how to deal with them! Well clearly you go at it like rabbits and get pregnant like five months after marriage.

Let’s just take a seat though, Ben is only 19, holy shit. Ben is still a kid himself! Good for him for marrying an older woman though since Jessa is 22, an old maid if you ask me!

They will probably have 10 kids, then adopt a few more like they want to.

Nothing but well wishes for the family! Maybe one day the Duggards will rule the world.

Naya Rivera Is Expecting With Husband Ryan Dorsey!

Well looks like everyone who assumed she got married to piss Big Sean off can take a step back and shut their mouths. Naya is having a little baby! Look at how cute that is. I personally like Naya Rivera, I know that a lot of people don’t but I think she is beautiful, has a great voice, and can kind of act. Kind of because I haven’t watched Glee in years but I remember liking her back in the day on that show.

She is announce that she was pregnant on the same day that Big Sean’s album was dropping, which is odd. Just like how she got married the same day that her and Big Sean were supposed to be married. I must say, that is a bit sketchy Naya. Big Sean is at the top of his game right now so I don’t think that doing shit like that would really take any eyes off of him.

No matter what the case is though, congrats to Naya and her husband Ryan! I am sure you will have a beautiful little baby!

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Are Expecting Their First Child Together!

Now I am not sure if I 100 percent believe this story, it is simply because US Weekly is the magazine that has reported everything and said that it was confirmed by the couple, which I don’t believe. There is no way these guys would go to US Weekly out of all the magazines first, that is something I am sure of! They have some class, so it would be People magazine,

Honestly, I am happy for this couple, for a while I was assuming divorce simply because they were never spotted together. I mean never, she didn’t go to award shows with him, she didn’t go to his concerts. Let’s be real if any of us readers were married to JT we would be glued to his hip. Even if it was doing dance moves I would be next to him just watching him, staring, loving him.

This is a big year for celebrity babies, I mean Ashton and Mila had their baby, Ryan and Blake are expecting, and now Justin and Jessica, looks like we have a new generation of superstars in the making.

Oh Goodie Ciara is Pregnant!


Ciara is a celebrity I actually always genuinely felt bad for because when she first started out as a singer everyone said that she was a man, not cool! Ciara is fucking fabulous and I mean she came out with hits like ‘Oh’, ‘Goodies’, and ‘1,2 Step’ so all you haters can shut the fuck up!

It is pretty cool that Ciara is pregnant not that it effects my life at all. I don’t think it will change anything in the history of celebrity either. I think her fiancee is one of the worst rappers of all time too.

Congrats to the happy couple though and may your child have Ciara’s looks and talent!

Mila Kunis knocked up by Kutcher?


Word on the street is that Jackie is knocked up with Kelso’s baby! Can you believe it?! I don’t believe it, not yet at least. People think that people Mila wants to wear comfortable clothes that she automatically knocked up. Home girl just wants to be comfortable! Now I would like to hope it is real since Ashton was actually Mila’s first kiss ever, aw right? Well they are supposedly getting married in a month and now they have a kid on the way. I wonder if they will have another Kabbalah wedding since that went so well for Ashton the first time.

Today is the day that Demi and Ashton’s divorce is officially over so of course there needs to be baby rumors right? I mean why wouldn’t there be.

Anyway if these two are having a baby congrats! If Mila is just wearing comfortable clothes for once, then good for her!