BMX Icon Dave Mirra Dies At 41

According to reports Dave Mirra was found with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Dave was found in his truck, and there was no note or anything that has been found. All that has been said is that it was a self inflicted wound. The BMX legend leaves behind a wife and two children.

I hope that the press can give his family the privacy that they need in order to try and comprehend his death. I know that in the days coming there will be a lot of different posts as to why he did it, how his family is coping, and probably pictures of his casket. I want you to know that you will not find any of that here. I believe that we should honor him with a post, and not try and gain website clicks by continuously posting about a death.

Dave, thank you for being one of my favorite hosts ever (The Challenge), and one of my first crushes when I was old enough to realize what a crush was. You were an idol to so many people I knew growing up, along with people all over the world. You changed the BMX world forever.

May you find your peace and may your family find peace during this difficult time.

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Actor Alan Rickman Loses Battle With Cancer At 69

Today Alan Rickman lost his battle with cancer as he passed away peacefully in his London home.

Alan was an incredible actor, someone who could play any type of character. He could play the villain, he could play the nice guy, he was such a chameleon with his roles and an actor that was looked up to.

He was one of the few actors that you never heard a bad thing about, people only praised him for his talent his work with different charities. He will absolutely be missed.

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Rest In Peace Bobbi Kristina Brown

I have always felt bad for Bobbi Kristina, I know that I didn’t know her personally but there was something behind her eyes that always seemed painful. Last night Bobbi had passed away nearly eight months after she was found unconcious in a bathtub. There are still so many questions circling what exactly happened and how she ended up there. Many people are blaming her own drug issues, blaming Nick Gordon her long time boyfriend, and speculating all of the things that could have happened.

Although Bobbi was born into what seemed like a luxurious life it seemed like it was a very chaotic life as well. Her parents were drug addicts, constantly breaking up and getting back together, and it seemed as though her life was always just crazy. She seemed to be caught up in a storm that wasn’t her fault.

No matter what happened it is always sad when a young person dies, being only 22 and not being able to actually live her life until the end, it is sad. It is sad that she passed away basically the same way her mother did.

I hope you find your peace Bobbi.

Lea Michele Honors Cory Monteith Two Years After His Death

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Today we remember the laughter and joy you brought into our lives every day. We think of you always and love you so @msleamichele

Well there you have it two years ago the world lost Cory Monteith due to a drug overdose, which is a damn shame. In all of Cory’s interviews he was always so positive and upbeat it was kind of crazy to find out that he had such a problem with drug use.

Story time. When I found out that Cory Monteith died, it was on my 22nd birthday and I had a few drinks, alright I have many drinks. I got home from celebrating, read that news and cried until at least four in the morning. Sometimes you just have to drunk cry it out.

Anyway, hope that all of Cory’s friends and loved ones are doing alright today. He definitely made a mark on the show ‘Glee’ that people will never forget.

Remember Ryan Knight After His Final Appearance On The Challenge

Right around Thanksgiving, just after the news of Diem Brown passing away, Ryan Knight, better known as Knight also passed away. The way he died isn’t important, it is important to remember the way that he lived and how he will be remembered on MTV for the rest of eternity.

Knight was one of those cast members that a lot of people either loved or hated, he spoke his mind and wouldn’t take shit from anyone. Personally, I loved him. I loved that he wasn’t politically correct, I loved that he would stand up for what he believed in, I mostly loved that he was the one to smack Frank. For those of you who don’t remember it was during a reunion and a clip of Frank bashing Knight’s ex-girlfriend Jemmye, Knight stood right up and gave the dude a smack.

So last night was his final appearance ever on MTV which really breaks my heart. I feel as though Knight’s death wasn’t as talked about as Diem’s was which again isn’t fair in my opinion. Both of the players always played their hearts out and seemed to be good friends off of the show.

Seeing Knight sitting with Zach telling him to throw anyone in against him was a big thing for Knight to say. He was a competitor that was for sure. He may not have been the best, or went to a final, but he still gave it all that he had which showed true character.

There was a tweet that Cara Marie sent out after the passing of Knight which I will never forget. She said “his heart was bigger than his horns.” That was something that really stuck out to me. Although he was known for causing trouble he did have a great heart. Jemmye his ex-girlfriend also stated that she was going to end her MTV career (Challenge wise at least) now since she started it with Knight, she should end it with Knight.

After following his story closely on “Real World Back to New Orleans” and then seeing him on his many seasons of The Challenge, he will be missed. His raw humor, his honesty, and that gap tooth smile.

As I stated before in the piece about Diem Brown (its here if you are interested you feel like you know these competitors. You watch them for years on your television and feel as though you see a real side of them. Watching these upcoming challenges without Diem and Knight will suck since they brought so much light to these challenges.

Knight I hope you have found your peace and those around you have as well. Thanks for all of the laughs.

Reality Star Diem Brown Dies After Long Battle With Cancer

Let me be honest when I say that when I first found out about Diem, I actually shed a tear or two. For the past ten years or however long Diem has been a known face on MTV due to her being on The Challenges over the past years. Recently cancer had taken over the young 32 year old’s body spreading from her stomach to her lymph-nodes and this past Thursday she decided to stop treatment.

I will say I wasn’t a huge fan of how Diem played the game, I thought that she relied to much on CT but when she wasn’t playing in The Challenge, I became a real fan. After reading her messages about feeling beautiful and being able to overcome everything it really made me respect Diem as a person. She had gone through so much in her life, beating ovarian cancer twice, that it is sad that she lost her fight. No, I won’t say that. Diem fought her ass off, she just decided to see what would happen. Sadly, Diem has passed away.

It is strange to say that I felt like I knew Diem as a person. I know that most reality shows are fake but there was a real side to Diem that we all got to see. When she wore wigs because she hated her short hair. When she would stand up for herself when other players would try and stab her in the back. Things like that will be missed in the up and coming seasons of The Challenge.

My thoughts and prayers are with Diem’s friends and family. Thank you for being so courageous and spreading your story of strength. Your inspiration and heart will carry on for many years to come.

Rest in beautiful peace Diem Brown.

Comedy Pioneer Joan Rivers Dies At Age 81

In my humble opinion there are few people who were as real as late comedian Joan Rivers. Sure her face may have been fake but her humor was raw and it was unapologetic. That is one thing that not many people seem to realize when they think of Joan Rivers. Rivers, was one of the first female comedians to really make a name for themselves in comedy. She was rude, crude, and never apologized for a thing that she had said. Something that people well both loved and hated her for.

As sad as it is writing this blog I want people to realize that in a world that is constantly looking for apologies and must be so politically correct, Joan never played by those rules. She said whatever was on her mind and she would never take it back. Some people would say she was too harsh on the red carpet but she just simply said what everyone was thinking.

With awards season coming up the red carpet will not be the same without Joan’s input.

Joan thank you for being someone who I look up to and aspire to one day be like. Celebrities you got off very easy for this up and coming awards season!

Comedian Robin Williams Found Dead At Age 63

It actually makes me extremely sad to be writing this blog about the death of Oscar winning actor Robin Williams. This actor brought light into every single project he was a part of and could also play the darker roles when needed, like his role in the Oscar winning film Good Will Hunting.

Being a bit younger my first real exposure to Robin Williams was when he played genie in Aladdin and I loved that. Then I saw Mrs. Doubtfire and eventually movies like Flubber, Patch Adams, and Jack just to name a few favorites. Robin Williams never failed to make me laugh and I am sure that he made all of you laugh as well.

Can you think of an actor who was loved like Robin Williams had been? I feel like you never heard a bad word about him. When people approached him for photos and autographs he was gracious and kind to them. From what everyone says in different interviews he was a bit charismatic but he was always genuine.

There are many different stories going around the net right now about what exactly happened to the beloved actor but you won’t find any of that gossip on this blog. Even though I like to rip up some celebrities when a celebrity dies people need to remember one thing, a human has passed away. This person beneath all of their celebrity has family, friends, and loved ones that are also hurting.

Rest in beautiful peace Robin Williams and I am very sad to see such an incredible actor taken far before his time.

Rest In Peace Philip Seymour Hoffman


So right now the entertainment world is mourning a loss of a very important member of the acting community. Philip Seymour Hoffman was easily one of the greats in the acting world at this very moment. He has shown his abilities in both action movies, dramas, and even comedies.

Here is to hoping that people don’t judge him for how he passed away, remember this actor of his incredible abilities to move you to tears in his movies. It has been clear for years that Seymour had trouble with drugs but he went to rehab to try and get help, he made an effort to get help. You must condone him for doing that.

Philip Seymour Hoffman will be remembered as one of the greatest actors of our time and at this moment I hope that his family can find comfort in the fact that the world is sending their thoughts and prayers to a beloved actor.

Rest in sweet paradise Philip Seymour Hoffman, I hope you finally found happiness.