Sophia Bush & Jesse Lee Soffer Have Broken Up!

Sophia Bush, Jesse Lee Soffer

Today E! News confirmed that Chicago P.D. costars, Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer have decided to go their separate ways. Well you know what? This really bums me out for many reasons. Number one, another costar relationship ends for Sophia Bush, home girl will never learn! Two, she is going to be known as a serial costar dater when in reality Sophia is a lot more than that! She is fucking awesome on social media, she is an incredible actress, she really has a lot going for her.

Plus, let’s be real, how cute were they together? I mean their onscreen chemistry is undeniable so I can only imagine them actually being together. Sad, sad day for people who ship Linstead on Chicago P.D.

I still have hope for these two, I am not saying they are totally done just yet!