Can We Talk About How Hot Josh Peck Is?

Last night I was watching the Teen Choice Awards, realizing how old I am and then this magnificent man walked onto the screen. Oh my god, Josh Peck is a babe now. I mean absolute stud muffin. He went from being that fat funny kid, to being the hot funny guy, good for him!

I don’t really have anything more to say other than Josh Peck is hot. I mean I would have never thought that after ‘Drake and Josh’ that Josh would be the one still around. Don’t be mad at me for saying that, it’s just Drake had that quality. Josh was funny, but it was like Keenan and Kel, I never thought that Keenan would be bigger than Kel, but it happened. Things happen! Life changes and does things you wouldn’t expect!

Apparently Josh is going to be in a new show called ‘Grandfathered’ with John Stamos, so I might have to check into that. I mean those two handsome men on one screen? Have mercy.

Zac Efron Is Looking Hotter Than Ever In Hawaii

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 15

God bless Zac Efron and his perfect body. There is really no story here, I just want to appreciate this man. God knew what he was doing when it came to Efron. I mean, have mercyyyy!

I wish Zac only filmed movies in Hawaii because of all these hot ass shirtless pictures.

Thank you Zac for looking the way that you do, I love you.

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 06

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 01

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 02

zac efron shirtless hawaii more ripped than ever 13

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Zac Efron Makes Golfing Look Good

zac efron golfing in hawaii 21

Thank you for posting these pictures because I have never been so excited to watch anyone golf in my life. Golf is by far the most boring sport on the planet but with Efron playing, well I could watch it all day.

Is there anyone hotter than Zac Efron? No really, I am wondering because I dont’t think that there is. Channing Tatum is up there but Efron, there is just something about him. Maybe it is those bulging muscles, his blue eyes, or the fact we know he is a bad boy but tried to hide it for so long. Alright he is a reformed bad boy.

Efron you keep playing golf and I will keep watching. Also please always wear those tight shirts.

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zac efron golfing in hawaii 01

zac efron golfing in hawaii 18

zac efron golfing in hawaii 07

Looking Good Doesn’t Matter If You Are Leonardo DiCaprio


For years I have been telling my friends that Leonardo DiCaprio is no longer sexy, he isn’t hot, he isn’t god looking anymore. He has lost the thing that made him hot, meaning his looks. They of course would fight me on it saying that he was and still is one of the sexiest guys on this planet. No, no, no, no.

I mean if this picture of anyone else people would be saying how gross he looks with his lil beer belly and his bun. Nope, it is Leonardo DiCaprio so it is sexy! I don’t understand! Can you imagine if this was someone like, Adam Sandler? People would rip him to shreds!

I guess looks don’t matter if you played Jack Dawson, women will love you for life and obviously Leo takes full advantage of that.

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Rihanna Can’t Keep Her Clothes On


If you follow Rihanna on Twitter or Instagram you will realize how much this woman hates clothing! She thinks clothes are lame and she feels as though being naked is no big deal. Truthfully being naked is beautiful, being comfortable in your own skin is incredible but in American it is frowned upon. Good thing Rihanna is living it up in Brazil! Naked for days! She doesn’t give two fucks who sees it either, just celebrating her killer body.

Brazil seems to be the spot where celebrities get real wild though right? Bieber and his orgies, Rihanna and having no clothing. I need to go to Brazil!

Rihanna is starting to become that famous person who doesn’t even need to sing to stay relevant. I mean she hasn’t come out with a new album in a while and her last album in my humble opinion sucked. Maybe she is just trying to absorb any kind of inspiration through every pore in her body, so she needs to be naked? Yeah. I will go with that.

Anyway here are some more nearly naked pictures to celebrate Rihanna’s banging body.

ImageTruthfully though if I had a body like that and a cool Caribbean accent I would never wear clothing, ever!