Jimmy Kimmel Gets Emotional While Addressing The Killing Of Cecil The Lion

Honestly I am sickened by the fact that people like to hunt big game for a rush. I understand if it is for population control, part of your culture, or if you actually eat the animals that are being killed, but to just kill for fun, that is disgusting.

I genuinely believe that Jimmy said everything that everyone has been feeling over the past few days about this killing. This lion was brought out of the wild life sanctuary then killed, but not right away, they let him suffer for 40 hours before finally killing him.

There is nothing more to say than the killing of big game animals needs to be stopped. These animals should be more protected and if there is nothing wrong with the population control, they shouldn’t be killed. Lions are dying out, rhinos, elephants, all of these beautiful creatures are dying out because we have ruined their environment. We have already taken away so much of the land that they live off of, do we really need to take their lives for sport? For fun?

If this is what you need to do to make yourself feel like a big strong person, go to counseling because you are clearly insane.