‘Teen Mom Og’ Season Premiere Recap

Tonight MTV blessed us with the season premiere of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and showed not only one, but two episodes of the show. Now if you are confused as to how this series is different from when they were just teen moms, it is simple. The fourth wall is broken down. MTV has allowed the production and all of that to be on television. Personally I love it, I think that it is way better this way. It shows that this reality show maybe has a little bit more reality than other shows.

Maci – I think it is safe to say that since the first season Maci has been the one to have her head on straight. Everything that she has done was to benefit her son and that hasn’t changed for the past six years. The season starts off with Maci telling everyone that Bentley is now back on the show. Last season she decided that because Farrah came back, Bentley was going to be off the show. This year though, the whole family is on it. That means her new baby girl Jayde was also introduced to the world. For the record Jayde looks exactly like Taylor. It is really insane how much she looks like him.

In the first episode Maci invited Ryan to go to the Mud Run with her and Taylor. He said sure, then when Maci went to drop off Jayde at his parent’s house. Yes, Ryan’s parents are so incredible they agreed to watch Jayde. Anyway, she dropped off Jayde, got Ryan to come out of the house but he just straight up didn’t show up. The team colors were black and purple, he was even wearing black and purple, but he didn’t show up. Now everyone raise your hand if you actually thought that Ryan would be a decent guy and at least tell Maci he wasn’t going, I see no hands.

Basically it was the same shit for Maci in these first two episodes. She is trying to make it work between her and Ryan but he is an asshole and won’t let it work. He didn’t even show up to Bentley’s first day of school but Maci just kept the smile on her face.

At the end of the episode she was contemplating whether or not she would let Bentley continue to go to Jen and Larry’s on the weekend if Ryan wasn’t going to be a father. So I assume this storyline will go on for the rest of the season, and next season, and the season after that.

Amber – Amber has come a very long way from where she once was. Much like the previous season Amber is still trying to gain more custody of Leah but Gary isn’t really budging for that. Other than that I feel like it is the same as usual. She talked about dealing with anxiety, she talks with Matt about whatever it is that they talk about.

Leah is clearly playing both Gary and Amber though, so that is hilarious. She is just saying whatever so she can get what she wants. What a little master mind.

I will say that Amber has a much better temper than she had in the past. Gary was saying things to get under Amber’s skin and she stayed cool and calm, you have to give her credit for that.

Apparently we have some good stuff to look forward to with Amber though, like how her fiance allegedly has seven children scattered through out the United States, so that should be fun to watch.

Catelynn – Since day one Catelynn has been my favorite of the teen mom girls. Her family was awful to her, I mean straight up horrible, but she just kept going through life like it didn’t bother her. Her mom used to call her a bitch every other word, and her dad wasn’t around so she had to deal with Butch, it wasn’t an easy life. At least MTV made it seem to be really bad, even worse after she put her daughter Carly up for adoption.

Now Catelynn and Tyler live in a house with their new baby girl Novalee Reign. All is well in their life. Butch is out of prison and living with them. He also explained to Tyler that he wanted a 200 pound woman so he could “buck” her, which immediately made me vomit. Other than that Butch promised Tyler and his daughter that he wouldn’t break his probation. He also explained that he had been drinking and doing drugs since he was 8. pretty young if you ask me.

The main conflict between Catelynn and Tyler was talking about the bachelor/bachelorette party and how they were going to make it work. Tyler said that he wants tits and ass in his face, whereas Catelynn isn’t very comfortable with that. Understandable. I will say a guy is more likely to cheat at a regular bar than a strip club, but that isn’t the point! If your future wife doesn’t want strippers, you shouldn’t do it.

As the season progresses though it looks like the two have a bit of tension after the wedding. Catelynn is dealing with possibly postpartum depression and Tyler doesn’t feel bad for her.

Farrah– I feel like I should write, Farrah was disrespectful to every family member and person working for the production team and that will cover it. Farrah seriously has the worst attitude I have ever seen on anyone. I mean she is just an asshole. She swears in front of her daughter, she only thinks about herself, and she is really awful to her mom. I understand that Deb may no have been the best parent in the world but holy shit she is just cruel to her.

Last season we met Farrah’s boyfriend Simon and she went on and on about how she kind of loves him but also doesn’t that lasted way too long. It blew up over lunch because she kept talking over him and then said he was a bad influence of Sophia. He then went on to call Sophia “the kid” and Farrah lost her damn mind.

At the end of the episode Farrah was leaving for a month and leaving Sophia with Deborah. She then went on to yell at Deborah about using too much soap or something like that. Who knows why she was yelling honestly. She was just so cruel towards her mom and it made me sad. For some reason I truly feel bad for Deborah, I don’t know why but I would love to just give her a hug because I don’t think Farrah has ever given her one before. Just let her know that not everyone is as crazy as her daughter. Deborah may not be all there, but she doesn’t deserve to be spoken to the way Farrah speaks to her.

Her upcoming storyline is her basically yelling at production, yelling at Sophia, and yelling at Deborah. Not much has changed for her.

So there it is! The little review of the first two episodes! Please feel free to check back every Monday for my full reviews!

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