Cam Newton Grants Young Fan’s Christmas Wish

I feel like people hate Cam Newton for two reasons, one he is a great quarterback and two, he has style which people are intimidated by. From what I have seen Cam does a ton for charity, he gives away footballs to fans in the stands every game, which he gets fined for, and he keeps his personal life private. People just want someone to hate and in the NFL it seems like Cam is one of those targets.

One Tuesday Cam stopped by the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta that one of his biggest fans Taylor Deckard, was staying in. The boy is 10 years old and had spent Christmas in the hospital since he is battling advanced pulmonary hypertension, doctors are unsure if he will survive.

Taylor is a huge Auburn football fan and Newton won the Heisman Trophy as Auburn’s starting quarterback. So it would make sense that he would want to meet Cam.

Cam stopped by with a bag full of Under armor gear, and spent time talking with the young boy.

Feel good stories are always the best and I am sure that Taylor will never forget his visit with Cam.

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The Hottest Football Players In Super Bowl 50

At the start of the season I ranked the hottest 17 players, and that was back when all the teams had the same shot at winning the Super Bowl. Now the final game of the season is two weeks away, it will be airing on Sunday February 7th, Coldplay and Beyonce will be performing. Now the two teams left are the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. As I put together my list of the best looking guys in both teams I will be honest, they didn’t give me much to work with. Each team had maybe one or two very good looking players, then they fell off. So please bare with me with this list, I had to reach a bit.

Now when you are watching the game with your boyfriend or whomever, you can throw out some facts on these players and also add how attractive they are.

Let’s get started!

10.Devin Funchess (Panthers)

Age- 21
Height- 6’5″
Position- Wide Reciever

9.Greg Olsen (Panthers)

Height- 6’5″
Position- Tight End

8.Kurt Coleman (Panthers)

Age- 27
Position- Safety

7.Demaryius Thomas (Broncos)

Age- 28
Height- 6’3″
Position- Wide Receiver

6.Cody Latimer (Broncos)

Age- 23
Height- 6’3″
Position- Wide Receiver

5.Josh Norman (Panthers)

Age- 28
Height- 6’0
Position- Cornerback

4.Brock Osweiler (Broncos)

Age- 25
Height- 6’7″
Position- Quarterback (back up)

3.Emmanuel Sanders (Broncos)

Age- 28
Height- 5’11”
Position- Wide Receiver

2.Cam Newton (Panthers)

Age- 26
Height- 6’5″
Position- Quarterback

1. Luke Kuechly (Panthers)

Age- 24
Height- 6’3″
Position- Linebacker

So there you have it! The best looking players in Super Bowl 50! If you don’t like football at least you have some serious eye candy that you can watch!

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Man Crush Monday: Cam Newton

So Cam Newton and the rest of The Panthers were getting ready to go undefeated in the regular season, which is an incredible milestone for any NFL team. Unfortunately they couldn’t make it work and ended up losing last night. It’s okay though because Cam Newton is a babe.

Now there are a ton of people out there who really hate Cam because they think he is too flashy and far too cocky. Numbers don’t lie and clearly he knows what he is doing. Personally I don’t like when an athlete is too cocky, I think it is rude but I also understand why they need to be that way. Obviously exuding confidence will throw someone off on the other team. It is an intimidation thing and sometimes it actually does work.

Cam isn’t all show though, he takes a lot of time out for charities. Every game he gives a game ball to someone in the crowd and every time he does that, the league fines him. So he takes those fines, pays them, then moves on with his life and continues to give a ball to a fan, that is class in my personal opinion.

Cam don’t let the haters bring you down, it was only one loss and I think that you will probably end up in the Super Bowl. Keep smiling and being happy because let’s be real, you have one of the best smiles out there.

Happy Monday!

The Top Ten Hottest NFL Players To Welcome Football Season!

Alrighty so obviously it is football season and all the guys are pumped, and some girls are pumped for it to start back up! I for one can’t wait since I know that football involved hot football players, nachos of some sort, and usually alcohol! To get all of us riled up for football season here are the top ten hottest football players in the NFL!

10. Victor Cruz

Know why I like this guy? It is because he does a little dance every time that he gets a touchdown, his own little salsa like dance and I am about that life. If you want to go and do a dance after you get some points, you do that dance! Some stats on this man, he is 6’0″ and plays for the New York Giants!

9. Russell Wilson

So this is Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks and he is adorable. Now he was the Superbowl MVP last season and apparently he is going to be really good this season too! I don’t know, I just over hear these things. Anyway, he looks like a little teddy bear and I love it!

8. Aaron Rogers

Now for a little while I thought that Aaron Rogers was one of the hottest guys on the planet, then I googled his name and realized I didn’t actually know who Aaron Rogers was. He is attractive for sure, reminds me of an old Jason Wahler from Laguna Beach. I will say I am a big fan of him when he is wearing a hat, so there you go! Also he is a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, some facts right there for you!

7. Jay Cutler

You don’t just marry Laguna Beach’s ultimate bad girl Kristin Cavallari by being a good football player, you also have to be insanely attractive. Let me introduce you to Mr. Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler. Look at that jawline, that messy helmet hair, and those blue eyes. I see why you wanted to get with him Kristin, I appreciate your taste in men. Another quarterback, can ya believe it?

6.Miles Austin

Remember this guy? Miles Austin is famous for dating Kim Kardashian for about a minute and also for being a really good football player! Who would’ve known? Austin plays for the Dallas Cowboys and he is a receiver for the team, so that is cool. Anyway with those dreamy blue eyes and gorgeous smile, how can you go wrong?

5. Cam Newton

Cam Newton is an absolute babe for multiple reasons, but mostly, let’s just focus on that gorgeous smile he has going on right there. How can you not love that smile? Just another quarterback on this list, can’t go wrong with a team captain either. He plays for the Carolina Panthers and he is extremely attractive. Use that fact when your boyfriend asks if you know anything about football!

4. Mark Sanchez

I don’t know much about Mark Sanchez other than he is extremely attractive. I have heard that he isn’t the best quarterback in the world but hey, I don’t really care. Look at those hazel eyes, so cute. He was on the Jets but I guess he didn’t do well because now he is on the Eagles where maybe he will do better? It doesn’t matter, he is a hot version of Fez and that is all that matters.

3. Tom Brady

Just because Tommy boy was my man crush Monday that doesn’t mean that he automatically wins this contest of being hottest NFL player. He is one of the hottest, that is for sure but he is just tpo three in my opinion. Alright? Just because you win one week doesn’t make you the king! He really does win right? One of the best quarterbacks of all time, insanely attractive, and married to a billionaire super model? You basically win at life Tom.

2. Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush you are a God among men, that is all that needs to be said. I am also very happy he never married Kim Kardashian, just her look alike.

1. Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman is a wide receiver for the New England Patriots and he is hotter than Tom Brady! You hear that? Everyone can be all in love with Brady and Gronkowski and I will just be over here loving Edelman because look at him. He kind of reminds me of a more manly David Beckham and I don’t hate it. In fact I love it. Those blue eyes, that scruff, his dimple chin, I love it all!

So there is your list of the most attractive NFL players in the league at the moment! I also hope that I gave you some helpful facts when you are forced to watch a game. Whip out some of that knowledge and you will blow some minds.

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