Carey Hart & Pink Welcome Baby Boy!

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Carey Hart and Pink welcomed baby number two just one day after Christmas. The couple welcomed Jameson Moon Hart on December 26th, and both mom and baby are doing well.

Carey and Pink have been married since 2006, and although they almost separated, they remained together. The couple is adding to their family since they have a daughter Willow who is 5 years old.

Pink also waited until November to announce that she was pregnant, she clearly wanted to enjoy her pregnancy a bit before letting everyone know.

Congrats to the happy couple and lucky for us, the two took some photos to share with the world!

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Jameson Moon Hart 12.26.16

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I love my baby daddy 💙

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Pink & Carey Hart Are Expecting Their Second Child!

Today Pink took to her Twitter to show off her growing baby bump, with the simple caption, surprise. Seriously, this is a huge surprise considering she looks pretty far along and no one had any idea that she was pregnant! Good work Pink!

Pink and Carey Hart have always kept a low profile in the Hollywood world. Yes, Pink is loud and speaks what is on her mind but she has still been able to remain private with her relationship to motocross legend Hart.

They couple already have a daughter, Willow who is 5 years old.

Congrats to the growing family! Also congrats to Pink and Carey for being able to keep this pregnancy under wraps for so long!

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Justin Bieber Gets A Neck Tattoo

ImageSo just a week or two after saying that he was done with tattoos for a while Justin Bieber shows off a weird neck tattoo? Was neck tattoo even the right wording for that? I mean it is on his neck but it is also up by his ear, so I guess it works. Just look at it though! I mean it could be a peel on one? Just to see how it looks?

I do wonder where Justin’s handlers are though, yes I am aware he is 20 or some shit but someone should be there saying, this tattoo is going to look dumb as fuck. Isn’t that the good thing to do as a friend? I understand he surrounds himself with yes men but someone needs to say no. I don’t understand why he thinks this is a good idea?!

There are only certain people that can pull off neck tattoos, they are Carey Hart, Travis Barker, and Tyga. That is it!

I guess we can call him Vanilla 2 soon right? Ice, ice, baby.

Pink and Carey Hart Won The Red Carpet As Best Couple At The Grammy’s

ImageSo I have always loved this couple, I have always thought they were perfect and when they almost got that divorce I remember being oh so devastated. Thankfully for fans everywhere they never actually went through with it and instead at going strong and have a kid. This couple has come a long way though, right? I mean if you remember back in the day Carey Hart would never wear a damn suit! He was nothing but a motocross junkie and let’s not even get into Pink. She had well neon pink hair and dressed like a dude, no gorgeous red dresses in site!

Remember back when Pink proposed to him though? Ugh, from that day on I knew they would be prom kind and queen, at least punk rock prom queen. Looking at this photo though I have to pick my fucking jaw from my desk since I am complete awe over how Pink looks in this dress! She has become quiet the fashionista over that past few years and I really love.

Can we be honest, Pink became famous back when Britney and Christina were at the top of their games! Then came along Pink who had a whole new sound and different look. Not many people thought she would last, look at her now. She is nominated for a few Grammy’s tonight and where are they? Britney is obviously sitting at her house eating Cheetos and Christina is crying.

Thank you for looking amazing Pink and Carey thank you for being sexy as fuck. Together I hope you create more little babies and Pink I hope you keep creating incredible songs!