Happy 51st Birthday Johnny Depp!

ImageFifty one years ago on this fateful day Johnny Depp was born into this world, about eighteen years later he would become a heartthrob and would stay at that status for the next thirty years. I will say one thing, Johnny Depp freaks me out in a good way though. I don’t understand how he can be such a good actor and play so many different roles.

You know if I was to say I was attracted to a 51 year old man people would judge me, unless I told them it was Johnny Depp. I feel like even straight men want to sleep with Johnny Depp just to see what it is like. I mean he played Captain Jack Sparrow for gods sake! He played that coke dealer in Blow! Now he is taking on the role of playing Whitey Bulger, this man can do no wrong! Except for that last movie with Angelina Jolie, that was a wrong move. Actually his last few movies have really sucked.

This post isn’t about his sucky movies, it is about his birthday! Johnny you are forever sexy and I know you will be acting until you can no longer stand.

Happy birthday you sexy man! May you have another great fifty years of life!