Benji Madden & Cameron Diaz Are Still Going Strong!

Do you ever sometimes forget a couple is married and then you see them together and it surprises you all over again?

That is how I feel about Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz.

These two crazy kids have been married since 2015 after dating for a short time, and they are still going strong.

Still don’t understand how this couple works but hey, stranger things have happened. I mean once Benji dated Paris Hilton, that’s weird as fuck. Cameron dated Jared Leto for forever before they broke up. See, they have been in weird relationships before this weird one.

Nice to see them still together though, for some reason, I root for them.

Weird love, it’s the best.

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Benji Madden Gets Cameron Diaz’s Name Across His Chest

I kind of feel like this is one of the biggest no no’s whenever it comes to relationships. Never get someone’s name tattooed on your body, right? Am I right when it comes to this?

This couple has been married for a little bit and only dated for about six months before they got married. I mean good for them right?! If they are happy that is all that matters, right? Yeah, I have a lot of questions because I kind of feel uncomfortable looking at this tattoo with his weird gold tooth or something peaking into the background.

This couple is still pretty weird to me but hey, love is blind right? Yes, another question.

Wait, Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden Are Dating?


File this under the folder that is labeled things that I did not see coming. They haven’t officially come out as a couple or anything but here they are strolling hand in hand with coffees. These damn celebrities and their coffee dates, isn’t that how this always starts? First they are drinking coffee next they are jetting off to some remote part of the world complaining about not having privacy.

I don’t know where I have been but apparently for the past month or two these two have been spotted here and there adding fuel to the dating rumors.

I will say congrats to Benji Madden for somehow getting into the spotlight again. It seems like every time I start to forget that he ever exsisted he pops back up doing something strange. Whether it is dating Paris Hilton, being a DJ, or who knows what else. Now him and Joel have started a band called, The Madden Brothers. He some how stays on the media’s spectrum which is just very odd to me.

I guess I should say good luck to this couple. I mean Cameron did date Jared Leto for a while, then she dated Justin Timberlake, so maybe she just has a thing for musicians.