Nick Jonas & Kate Hudson Spotted Hanging Out In Mammoth


Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas are still snuggling up to each other — this time in a California ski town with their lattes.

They were hanging together Monday at a Starbucks at Mammoth Mountain ski resort in central Cali. (credit)

What in the actual hell is going on? I mean Liam and Miley are apparently back on , now Kate and Nick are back on too? This world is going crazy.

I guess that is really all I have to say because I am kind of at a loss for words. I really thought that he would want to be with someone who was young Hollywood, not married twice with two kids Hollywood. You have to respect the shit out of Kate Hudson though, right? Here she is 36 years old shacking up with a 23 year old. It is a power move.

Are these two serious? I kind of feel like they have to be serious at this point. There is no reason to bring a hook up from 2015 into 2016 unless it became a full blown relationship.

You have to tell me what you think! I need to know!

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The Brady Bunch is Better Looking Than You


There comes a time when a family comes into the picture that gives you hope. You seem them trecking through a foot of snow and they are just having fun! They are all holding hands, or sharing a purse. Well in this case, it is the Brady family. Do you remember when Giselle and Tom first got together? How everyone was mad because his ex-girlfriend was giving birth while Brady and Buchen got married? Well it wasn’t exactly like that but they weren’t far apart. Anyway, everyone said that they would never make it! Now look at them!

Looking at this picture also makes me kind of sick. I look and think, I will never be a billionaire supermodel with a hot football husband and a gorgeous kid. Nope. I will also never look that good walking through snow and you want to know why? Fuck snow, that is why. I will never look so happy to be walking through snow as Giselle is. There was a fucking foot of snow in Boston over the weekend, ain’t no thang for the Brady clan though.

There is a part of me that wonders if there is a big language barrier and it makes me laugh. Can you imagine Tom Brady in Brazil trying to communicate with them? He is like the all American boy, so California it hurts.

Anyway, appreciate this family and dream that one day you might be them…but you won’t be, so you can cry now.

Justin and Selena are back on!

ImageI was just wondering who called that these two would end up back together when Selena announced her break and Justin announced his break. I did! I swear, I know more about celebrity couples than celebrities know! I mean look at these two just scootering about Justin’s neighborhood, probably after smoking a doobie or two. Alright, Justin probably smoked some, Selena probably judged him.

Honestly what is Selena thinking right now though? This is not a good look for you girl! Justin has been going down a free fall and you aren’t. Keep it that way. Bieber got filmed by a damn Brazilian prostitute, learn from it girl! You don’t want to be with that. Justin is a want to be bad boy, which is worse than an actual bad boy. Bad boy’s do shit and just say whatever. Justin looks to do things that made him look tough.

Selena I was starting to like you, when you said you made Justin cry was one of my favorite things ever. Now you are back scootering with him. Not a good look girl. Happy 2014 Beliebers because your master is back with his ex who makes fun of him.

Selena get ready for those crazy Belieber death threats!