Blake Lively Quotes ‘Baby Got Back’ And Twitter Goes Insane


So right now Twitter is losing their minds because Blake Lively had the audacity to quote a Sir Mix-A-Lot song. How fuck dare she? How dare she write a song lyric!

I have had enough of everybody getting offended over every little thing. Like come on people it is fucking Sir Mix-A-Lot we are talking about! Listen, I am sure that Blake Lively isn’t trying to insult black culture in any way.

You know what is interesting? Both Khloe Kardashian and Katy Perry posted a photo with the same caption and didn’t receive any backlash what so ever. So is she getting backlash because she is blonde rather than brunette? See you can literally turn this into any kind of fight that you want it to be.

‘Baby Got Back’ is a classic that is loved by all races, genders, and walks of life. When it comes on you have to sing and dance to it, that simple.

Isn’t music supposed to bring us all together? It knows no bounds or some shit?

I guess the moral of the story is, it’s totally okay to dance and sing around but don’t you dare put that shit up on social media.

At the end of the day when I look at this I see a pregnant woman who is proud of her body. That is what I see.

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Rihanna Puts Those Baby Bump Rumors To Rest


So over the weekend there have been rumors flying around that Rihanna was pregnant and she didn’t know who the dad was. She wasn’t sure if it was Drake or if it was Chris Brown. Now naturally I never though that she was pregnant because Rihanna isn’t like that. Sure she is a freak but I believe when she wants to be a mom, she will be a great one. Am I thinking too highly?

How does Rihanna react to these pregnancy rumors? She poses naked on a balcony and takes pictures! She didn’t even acknowledge any of these rumors either. What a bad bitch, she is ultimate bad bitch of music. People can say that it is Beyonce but she doesn’t hold a candle to Ri.

Face down, ass up, no other way to let the world know, hey, I am not pregnant! You go girl!


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Harry Styles Shows Off His Best ASSests

ImageHarry Styles was caught going wild in a bush the other day somewhere in Hollywood, I am going to assume it was in LA but I don’t know! So while Bieber is off in Panama apparently being tamed in Panama, LA needed some kind of young Hollywood star to get as wild and crazy, this is more tamed though. No drag racing or anything like that, just public indecency because he needs to take a leak, that is all. Nothing to see here, nothing to see here!

Harry Styles seriously seems like one of the most fun guys in Hollywood, definitely the best out of all the other boring One Direction people! That is all that I can say. Everyone else in that group just seems so damn boring. Here is Harry Styles though going around, breaking Taylor Swift’s heart and now he is dating the hot Jenner daughter. He is just living live and giving no fucks!

Now if Bieber did this I understand it would be like a major issue but Harry Styles is likeable, he is like a little puppy! He is just so excited about living his life. He isn’t about sipping sizzurp and egging people’s houses. Harry Styles goes around and gives food to paparazzi…It is true, he did it!

Anyway, keep being yourself Harry Styles, I like you. You broke T.Swift;s heart and I still like you, can you believe that?