Happy Birthday Brian Littrell!

Happy 41st birthday to my first celebrity crush ever. My room used to be basically wallpapered with pictures Brian and the rest of the Backstreet Boys, but I am not going to make this weird.

Just want to wish one of my all time favorite singers a happy birthday! Yes, Brian has the voice of an angel so go listen to some of his incredible solos. I have a had a crush on this man since he was 23, so it is kind of crazy that now he is 41 and the boys are still out there touring and selling records.

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Nick Carter Gets Hitched Over The Weekend!

ImageYou know that you are getting older when the heartthrobs from your childhood are getting married. First Justin Timberlake got married and now Nick Carter, the two ultimate hotties of the later half of the 90’s. On April 12th Nick got married to fitness trainer Lauren Kitt in Florida. Guess who else were at this wedding? THE BACKSTREET BOYS!  Yup, Aj, Howie, and Brian were all in attendance and AJ’s daughter was even the flower girl.

Let’s give some congrats to Nick since he turned his entire life around. Not even ten years ago he was all about partying, drugs, and fucking Paris Hilton. He grew out of it though so there is hope for everyone!

I am also glad that Nick finally grew up because DAMN he is looking better with age!

Backstreet Boys & Spice Girls “In Talks” For World Tour?

ImageIf there is one concert that I need to go to, it would be this one. If you follow my blog at all you realize that I love The Backstreet Boys, i just fucking love them .I can’t stop and guess what, I wont stop. They have catchy tunes, they are still good looking, they put on an amazing show. Know what is another band I love? The Spice Girls! This show would rake in billions of dollars, yup I said it, billions.

Now this rumor got started when Brian Littrell said that the band was in early stages of putting together a world tour. The main question with that statement is, is it true? Brian is like the little kid of the band that likes the play pranks and stuff, so is this another prank? According to Mel C. she would love to do it but she hadn’t heard anything about it.

People are also wondering what would happen since Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham made it clear that she would never tour with the band again. My response to that is, does it even matter? Everyone knows that Posh just stood there with a mean mug and flashed a peace sign here and there, she could never sing! No one would miss her!

So for now I wills ay this concert isn’t happening but maybe after seeing all the publicity the one statement made by Brian got, maybe they will think about it. If it does happen I will sell my left arm to go.

Man Crush Monday: The Backstreet Boys

ImageOops is it wrong to put a band a man crush monday? Maybe! I don’t care though, they just announced another North American tour and let’s be real. I am going and you want to go. These guys still have it after 20 years of singing, they are still incredible singers and look good doing it.

You really can’t beat the combination that is Howie, Nick, Brian, AJ, and Kevin. Well I could do without Kevin, but that doesn’t matter! There is a reason that they are still going and people are still going to see them.

Anyway, go listen to their music because I know you want to right now, and soak in these guys for the amazing way that they sing and perform.