Man Crush Monday : Bryan Greenberg

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Today I was sitting here trying to think of who should be the final Man Crush Monday of 2016. I mean it’s a really tough spot to be in, you know? So many attractive men, but only one can be the MCM of the week! I try not to double up either, but eventually that will be happening since I have been doing this for a few years.

I decided to go with one of my first television show crushes. Of course I had celebrity crushes before Bryan Greenberg but his character Jake on ‘One Tree Hill’ was one that I fell in love with, damn near immediately. Don’t get me wrong I loved James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray , but Bryan brought such a sense of vulnerability to Jake Jageilski.

So here we are! Bryan is definitely deserving of a spot. He is a truly great actor and he is also a musician, which of course always attractive. Give a man a guitar and he goes up three points right away.

Bryan has kept busy since ‘One Tree Hill’ he starred in ‘October Road’, ‘How To Make It In America’ and most recently he has been starring on ‘The Mindy Project’. Which after binge watching is why I put Bryan here!

Bryan is also married to ‘Real World’ alum, and now actress Jamie Chung.

Happy Monday!

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Jamie Chung Is The Luckiest Real World Roommate Of All Time


So when I say that Jamie Chung is the luckiest Real World cast mate of all time, I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. Now I remember the season of Real World that Jamie was on and I remember her being oddly normal. Then again she was on a crazy season with Randy, Brad, Frankie (RIP) and Robin. Isn’t it sad I can remember those facts but I can’t tell you basically anything about math? Who cares about that! Jamie Chung was the one to talk to Frankie about her cutting and really just be the controlled one in a house of chaos.

Flash forward and Ms.Chung is living the absolute life in Hollywood! When I first saw her in commercials for a movie called ‘Sorority Row’ I thought it was cute she was trying to act and become something more than just a real world girl. Then she started to be in other movies like ‘Grown Ups’ and ‘The Hangover 2’, movies that people actually saw! She also became a guest star on ‘Once Upon A Time’ which I have never seen but I know that people love.

Now, all of that is great and all but the real kicker is who her fiancee is, she is engaged to Bryan Greenberg. For those of you who don’t know who he is, he played Jake on One Tree Hill and he was like the perfect guy. So that is why I am most jealous of this Jamie Chung girl.

Honestly, I may be jealous of Jamie but I give her a lot of credit because she is making a name for herself. I do think we will see her for years to come. Go have beautiful babies with Bryan Greenberg you lucky bitch! Glad you out of all the housemates ever were able to break the cycle of going on Challenge after Challenge.