Bye Bye Bruce Jenner, Hello Caitlyn Jenner!

Well shit, I thought that this was Jessica Lange at first and apparently so did many other people. In fact Jessica even came out to say that she was honored that people thought Caitlyn looked like her.

I have a lot to say about this topic and they are all positive things. Although I don’t understand being transgender I fully support people and their choice to be who they want to be. So there she is, Caitlyn Jenner looking like an absolute smoke show on the cover of Vanity Fair. I mean, Kris must be pissed that she can’t be Caitlyn’s manager, because Caitlyn is going to kill it!

I must say I love that she went with a C and not a K, what a slap in the face to the Kardashian clan. Even though they have been supportive it is still pretty funny.

Well it is nice that Bruce is finally comfortable and has decided to become Caitlyn. I can’t even imagine the strength and courage it took to become who he has always wanted to be.

Caitlyn you’re a smoke show and I hope you know it!

Bruce Jenner Is Transitioning Into A Woman

Bruce Jenner‘s family is now regularly leaking out stories that have been obvious to all for quite some time … that the Jenner patriarch is becoming a woman.

The latest leak is to “People,” quoting a family source that Bruce is making the change.  As we reported more than a year ago, Bruce underwent an operation called a laryngal shave, to smooth out his Adam’s Apple, and at the time our sources were clear … it was, as one put it, “one of the first steps.”

We spoke to Bruce at the time and he said he was “absolutely not” transitioning, but the denial was part of his plan to make the change gradually, which he has done over the last year, to the point it simply became obvious and an announcement became almost irrelevant.  But his decision to transition had been firmly made months before.

Our sources say Bruce is now far along in the process, has undergone various procedures and psychological counseling, and is ready to show his journey to the world.  Our sources say it’s so far along his docuseries will air as early as May.

People is reporting his family is supportive but not all family members are on board 100%.  As we told you, the family filmed Bruce’s formal announcement to them last month and during the conversation Kris freaked out.  The other kids — the boys and the girls — have been more supportive, especially the older ones.

And we’re told part of the plan to reveal the decision is for various family members to start speaking out. What Kim said this week about Bruce’s “journey” was no slip of the tongue.

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Well, I think that this is something that will in fact break the internet. Sorry Kim, your weird naked pictures of you with a wine glass on your ass isn’t even close to this. I feel like we have been watching this for about a year now so it isn’t really a huge surprise to most. To me it was pretty surprising, considering back in the day when Keeping Up With The Kardashians first started to become a thing, Bruce was a man’s man. He would golf, play with his helicopter collection, all of that stuff. He would make fun of Scott for being so fashionable. Now here is going through probably one of the biggest changes that a person can go through.

I am not here to say whether this is right or wrong. If Bruce believes that this is what is best for him, then let him do it, right? According to multiple reports his kids are supporting him 100 percent and that is most important. If his friends and family will support him, then good for him.

There is a part of me that thinks that this is more for publicity than anything else. I know that sounds terrible but he has been in the spotlight with his reality show for years now, so why not just take another step? This is something that will obviously be big news. He is having a docu-series air in May about his transition. It seems to me that this family will do anything for another show. Probably a terrible thing to say, but whatever.

I do have a lot of questions about this though and if you have answers then let me know! I mean why did it take him so long to finally realize that he wants to do this? Is it normal for a lot of people to wait until their mid sixties to change genders? Just things that I would actually like to know.

Wait, Is Bruce Jenner Really Wearing A Sports Bra?

So for months people have been saying that Bruce Jenner has had dreams of becoming a woman and is going through a slow change to become a woman. For months I have simply been ignoring these rumors. Sure he has a pretty badass ponytail but whatever, he is just living his life! He wants to have a ponytail to fit in with his daughters, he was always surrounded by women so he wanted to show off that he could have hair like that too. Truth is that I haven’t watched “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” for a solid six years, since before Kourtney was pregnant, so however long that has been. I always liked Bruce though, I thought that he loved his family and his helicopters, just a man’s man.

Listen to me, I am not saying that if he is going through a transformation it is wrong. People should be able to do whatever they feel in order to feel comfortable with their bodies. I will say, I want him to talk about it if it is true. I mean look at those boobies that he is rocking at the moment! He is wearing a sports bra for some support and he has some tig ol biddies on that chest of his. Those aren’t just fat old man boobies either, they are some serious boobs. So serious you can tell he is rocking a bra with them!

Maybe now that him and Kris are finally divorced he can talk about his change. Or maybe he just wants to have some boobs to play with now that he is divorced! Who knows!

You keep rocking that sports bra and ponytail Bruce, I like it.

What Is Happening To Kim Kardashian’s Face?


No that is not a picture of an alien from Men In Black, that is Kim Kardashian. Well, she looks absolutely terrifying and I am going to have nightmares about this. According to Kim Kardashian she has never had plastic surgery but really? Really?!

This picture makes her look like an alien and I don’t know how I feel about this. When Kim first started out she was really beautiful because she looked different. She wasn’t bleach blonde or anything like that, she has an exotic look to her. Now she just looks more than exotic, she looks out of this damn universe and not in a good way.

You know, I wonder if the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan all go to the same plastic surgeon. It is clear that both Kris and Kim go to the same one. Maybe Bruce is trying to look like them so he is going to hang out with that plastic surgeon as well.

For fun I Googled Kim Kardashian 2006, just to see how much that changed.


Nope, no plastic surgery here, she looks the exact same. I hope guys read that in sarcasm.

Kim Kardashian stop the madness and leave your face alone!

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What Is Going On With Bruce Jenner?


So let’s be real right now, what in the actual fuck is going on with Bruce Jenner? There are tons of rumors swirling around the internet right now and I am as curious as the next person. Bruce recently went under the knife and got his Adam’s apple shaved down so it is not loner noticeable. According to a plastic surgeon that is sometimes the first step to doing a full on sex change. Am I saying that is why he did it? No. I am just saying considering all the other rumors, it is interesting.

Can we talk about how his nose looks like it got done too? It looks like him and Kris are going to the same plastic surgeon right now. Look at that ombre hair too. He is taking after Kylie and Khloe right now. He probably thought that they looked so fab he wanted to look as fab as them! According to TMZ he also has been growing his nails out for some odd reason, maybe he wants to look like a crazy bag lady?

So what do you think is going on right now with Bruce? Is he just going through a midlife crisis or does he want to be a woman? I really have no idea. I mean obviously he realized that girls had more fun living with all those crazy Kardashian women for such a long time.

It is all just very odd considering he just likes to play golf and play with his helicopters. His hair is fab though, right? Can’t go wrong with some ombre!

Kylie Jenner is single and still not funny.


Kylie Jenner has been in the public eye since age 9, so having a normal prom experience is probably a struggle. But in the new Seventeen Prom cover story (on newsstands Dec. 25), the 16-year-old opens up about her dreams for the perfect prom from the date to the dress. And though she has been spending lots of quality time Will and Jada Pinkett Smiths son, Jaden, since March, the cover girl says she’s currently single. 


“I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do really want that boyfriend prom experience,” she said in the magazine. “I would want to go with someone who’s not afraid, or doesn’t think that he’s too cool, to show up at my house with a rose corsage. It would be nice for the guy to come over and be respectful and nice while my mom takes prom pics. But if I couldn’t find a boyfriend, I would want to go with one of my best guy friends, like Jaden [Smith]. I know I’d have fun with him – he makes me laugh and he is a great dancer.”

Kylie Jenner please listen to me right now, get some humor in you right the fuck now. It is clear that Kendall is going to be the Kim out of the two of you. You are the Khloe, become funny. People love Khloe because she is funny! You need to get on that train right now. I am not going to call a 17 year old ugly because that is mean, I just know that she should be funny. She is clearly feeling insecure running around talking about how she is single. I feel like she is more sitting there with eyes all bugged saying “I AM SINGLE I NEED TO DATE SOMEONE FAMOUS! HURRY IT UP!” Girl calm yourself, you are just young. You don’t need to get married even if it is what Kris Jenner is whispering in your ear while you sleep.
It is sad though, the fact she feels the need to talk about her love life? At 16 or 17 I was more interested in if I was actually going to get a car. Yes, I am aware that she is famous but at 17 people don’t need to date. Also homegirl needs to chill out saying she isn’t afraid to make the first move. We get it, you are a “bad bitch” and go after what you want. While you are doing that Kendall is shacking up with Harry Styles.
Kylie Jenner, learn to be funny now or forever regret that you never learned how to be funny.
You can also do better than Jaden Smith, just sayin’.

The Kardashian Christmas card review.





This is by far one of the most terrifying things that I have ever seen in my life. This is worse than the photoshopped one last year that they had. I just really do not understand this. Where is Rob? Where is Scott? Where is Kanye? Where is North? I have a lot of questions about this one. If you are looking for Bruce he is the woman frozen in the cashier booth. I just honestly wonder how the fuck they came up with this idea. Look at poor Kylie, she is emotionless because she knows how horrible this is going to look.

No but seriously, where is Rob? Did they realize that the public would realize how photoshopped he was in this so they decided not to add him? I swear this family forgets about the men in their family and that shit just ain’t right!

No but for real I would understand this more if they said it was a circus more like a casino, This card makes me want to vomit. I bet Kim will come out and saw that her body wasn’t photoshopped in here either.