Chloe Grace Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham Have Reportedly Broken Up

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Oh young love, how it can go from being so beautiful to breaking up within minutes.

Chloe, 19, and Brooklyn, 17, have reportedly called it quits after dating on and off for the past two or so years. Which means they could potentially get back together and be adorable again!

For the first,maybe year, of their relationship the two were very quiet about their romance then they started to tell the world and I was hoping they would last. You can never root for teenagers though, they always break up. It is just like the rules.

They are both very talented and some of the hottest people in young Hollywood so I am sure they will be fine. Maybe they will get back together though and continue to be adorable. Fingers crossed!

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Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham Make Their Red Carpet Debut

Is it weird to say that I really love this couple? Considering Chloe is 19 and Brooklyn is 17, it is probably a little weird I hope they get married. Come on, these two are freaking adorable and have been dating for a while now, even though they tried to keep it quiet for the longest time.

I mean I don’t want to say I was ahead of the times but I wrote about them back in 2014, so I guess you could say I was ahead of everyone else. I also expressed that I hope they get married, so my feelings haven’t changed one bit.

They have both just recently started to express their relationship through Instagram and Chloe has mentioned him in a few interviews now. She told Andy Cohen that she just decided to admit to it because people now left them alone more, which I can understand. Nobody likes secrets and now that they aren’t well, a secret, nobody cares.

I must say, Brooklyn was kind of goofy looking as a kid but those A+ genes kicked in obviously, he is growing into a good looking young man. Yes, I said young man, does that mean I am getting old? Probably.

They were also spotted looking adorable at the after party where it looks like Chloe lost some of her dress.

I have high hopes for this couple! Don’t let me down you guys, just go get married now, okay? Bye.

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David Beckham Brings His Three Sons To The Final World Cup Match!

So I have a legitimate question, is there a better looking family than the Beckham family? I mean just look at this picture, they are all so handsome. Even though Victoria and their little daughter aren’t pictured they are beautiful too! I just don’t understand! How can literally every member of a family be attractive. Usually there is a black sheep not here!

You can sit there and think that I am gross saying that a 15 year old is going to be hot but he is. Clearly he already had his whole brooding face down. The middle son Romeo has already modeled for Burberry and the youngest one can break dance. They are going to rule the world one day!

So in ten years or whenever these three boys blow up and are on every billboard in the world remember you heard it here first! These Beckham boys will run the world!

David, I see you too, there is no need to explain how good you look here. Slicked back hair, pearly white teeth, and tattoos for days, how can you hate that? Oh right, you can’t.