Kelly Clarkson’s Song From The ‘Hamilton’ Mixtape Will Make You Really Emotional

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Chills. That is really all that I can say. Kelly Clarkson is one of my favorite female vocalists of all time. Her voice is just so hauntingly beautiful and her cover of this song? Oh my God, it is absolute perfection. I love the original from the actual musical ‘Hamilton’, but I am so ready for this ‘Hamilton’ mixtape, you have no idea.

Take a moment and listen to this gorgeous cover, and get read to cry.

In case you aren’t familiar with the ‘Hamilton’ musical, this song takes place after Alexander and Eliza’s son dies, and they are both in mourning. You should listen to the original too, but this cover? Crying all the tears right now.

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Lin-Manuel Is Releasing The Hamilton Mixtape Featuring Nas, Usher, Sia, & More!

Yes, I am one of those people who will always tell you to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack and then talk about how it changed my life while making me love musicals more. Yes, that’s me. Hello.

Well today, Lin-Manuel announced that he is releasing a mixtape featuring an incredible amount of talented singers.

Check out the track list.

So, I have listened to this album on repeat for the past five months or so, I know every line, and I am ready for this. Here I can listen to all of the incredible songs but with new vocalists? Count me in!

The only other place I can picture Ashanti, Kelly Clarkson, and Busta Rhymes being on the same album would be a “Now That’s What I Call Music” album, right?

It will be available for preorder tomorrow and will officially go on sale December 2nd.

I am willing to wait for it, are you?

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Grease: Live Star Jordan Fisher Joins Hamilton!

If you ask me who the break out start of Grease: Live was I would absolutely say that it was Jordan Fisher. He was absolutely incredible and it looks like other people recognized it as well.

Fisher will be taking over for Anthony Ramos playing the dual role of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton. Ramos’ last day on stage is November 20th.

Personally, I know I will probably never be able to see Hamilton live but I am so excited for Jordan, his voice is absolutely incredible and I think that his talent is something out of this world.

Congrats Jordan! Maybe one day I can see Hamilton live, or like see a clip on Youtube or something like that.

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Man Crush Monday: Daveed Diggs

So I will probably never see ‘Hamilton’ live and that is something that I have come to accept. I will listen to the soundtrack all day though and pretend that I am not sitting in an office!

Last night at the Tony awards, the play ‘Hamilton’ won 11 awards, and Daveed ended up being one of the winners for supporting actor I believe. Well while watching I kind of fell in love with him, is that weird? Is that too much? I don’t care.

There is something about a man that can rock a wild haircut and still look attractive, am I right? I think so.

It has been a very heavy few days in the news so I wanted to try and bring a lighter article today.

So let’s give it up to this weeks Man Crush Monday, a man who can sing, dance, and has a smile that could make even the coldest of hearts melt. Plus he is a Brown graduate so you know that he has brains, just one of the many great things that he can bring to the table.

Happy Monday!

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