Britney Spears Slayed The 2015 Teen Choice Awards Last Night!

Now I haven’t been a teen for a while, but I love my award shows. The best part about this one is you know who is going to win each category because only winners show up. No one ever shows up thinking there is a chance they might lose, literally everyone in that audience is only there because they know they are going to win.

Although I didn’t know a lot of the presenters or winners, one winner I know very well was Ms.Britney Bitch herself. She won for style icon which I think is a made up category just to get Brit an award. No matter what the case, I don’t hate it! Fifth Harmony presented her the award, and I am almost positive she had no idea who they were. She probably just assumed they were young fans who won some type of contest to give her the surfboard. I don’t think she even hugged them now that I am thinking about it.

In the little intro they showed a bunch of videos of Britney slaying the awards during her start of stardom and when they showed Britney watching, no expression. She wasn’t smiling, nothing just a blank stare. I miss the wild Brit, the preshaved head Brit.

It’s always nice to see Britney free roaming on her own. She was out there with her kids I believe and thanked them in her little speech.

Let’s be honest, Britney Spears will always be an icon and I can only hope that soon she will have another killer album and go on a real tour. Or she will retire and just spend time with her kids, because I believe that is all that she wants in life.

B.Spears for life.

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