Wait, Is Bruce Jenner Really Wearing A Sports Bra?


So for months people have been saying that Bruce Jenner has had dreams of becoming a woman and is going through a slow change to become a woman. For months I have simply been ignoring these rumors. Sure he has a pretty badass ponytail but whatever, he is just living his life! He wants to have a ponytail to fit in with his daughters, he was always surrounded by women so he wanted to show off that he could have hair like that too. Truth is that I haven’t watched “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” for a solid six years, since before Kourtney was pregnant, so however long that has been. I always liked Bruce though, I thought that he loved his family and his helicopters, just a man’s man.

Listen to me, I am not saying that if he is going through a transformation it is wrong. People should be able to do whatever they feel in order to feel comfortable with their bodies. I will say, I want him to talk about it if it is true. I mean look at those boobies that he is rocking at the moment! He is wearing a sports bra for some support and he has some tig ol biddies on that chest of his. Those aren’t just fat old man boobies either, they are some serious boobs. So serious you can tell he is rocking a bra with them!

Maybe now that him and Kris are finally divorced he can talk about his change. Or maybe he just wants to have some boobs to play with now that he is divorced! Who knows!

You keep rocking that sports bra and ponytail Bruce, I like it.

Justin Bieber Really Loves Strippers


In this photo courtesy of TMZ this beautiful picture of Bieber and his buddy has been discovered and it looks like Bieber really loves his strippers. He seems to take good care of them! He makes sure that they are treated right! Maybe this is why he spent so much money at a strip club, you can’t touch for free, that is for sure. Even if you are Bieber, there is no way you can touch for free!

I guess this picture shouldn’t come to a surprise since Bieber did quiet a number on Miami was he was there. After reading the article I had to laugh though since it said the stripper looked like she could have been Beiber’s mom. So it looks like Bieber has a thing for older women since he started off with Selena, now this old lady stripper.

Right now Bieber is living that party boy lifestyle and you know what I really don’t mind because he isn’t making shitty music. He is just sucking on strippers titties, smoking weed, and will probably never be on the top of the charts ever again.