Sam Hunt Sang “Break Up In A Small Town” On ‘The Voice’ Season Finale

Let’s be real, Sam Hunt is an absolute babe, can we all agree on that? He is easily one of the best looking guys in music right now, and his voice is just, wow. His whole half sing, half talk thing is where it is at right now. I am also so happy that he is singing “Break Up In A Small Town” rather than “Take Your Time”. Listen I love both songs but the small town break up, let’s be real a lot of people have been through that. Very few have had a guy hit on them at a bar and the guy just wants to talk, nothing else.

Sam killed his performance though! I also have to add that I am beyond jealous of the girl who got to hold his hand during the performance. Lucky lady.

Watch Sam sing and feel yourself swoon, if I could put a hearteyes emoji here I totally would.

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Sam Hunt Releases Music Video For ‘Break Up In A Small Town’

Oh Sam Hunt how you slay me. I mean seriously, he is easily the hottest star in country music right now. Well one of the hottest stars I should say. This song though, I love this song. Growing up in a small town I can relate. You can’t go to a damn bar without seeing your ex.

These lyrics are just incredible and he does that whole sing, talk thing way better than anyone else out there.

Even though I am not a huge fan of the beard Sam Hunt can do no wrong. This song is incredible, him running through a burning down how is incredible.

Check out the video below and tell me what you think here or here!

So I read some comments and someone said that Tori Kelly and Sam Hunt should do a duet together. Let’s start a petition to make that happen, okay?