Demi Lovato & Brad Paisley Perform ‘Stone Cold’ At The 2016 IHeart Music Awards

Whenever Demi preforms anywhere, she steals the show. At the GRAMMY’s she only sang about a 30 second snippet of a Lionel Richie song and everyone talked about it for a week. Demi is the real deal and I wish that she got more air time than she does, she genuinely deserves it. Demi’s voice will go down in history as one of the best female vocalists of all time. For some reason she doesn’t get as much attention as say Selena but Demi’s voice is chilling, it is just so incredible.

Demi, thank you for your voice.

I couldn’t find a full video but here are some clips, I mean just the way that Brad looks at her near the end of her performance, my lawd! He knows how insanely powerful it is. Even Justin Timberlake went on stage after her and complimented Demi’s voice. That’s right, the legendary JT talked about her voice.

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Will ‘Rising Star’ Be A Hit Or A Flop?

So ‘Rising Star’ is going to be a new reality singing competition on ABC which premiers on June 22nd and I just saw the first trailer for it. What do I think about it? I don’t even understand it. I mean I guess I do. The singers are preforming in real time and they start off on a stage with a wall surrounding them. Then people vote in real time and if they get enough votes, the wall rises, pretty simple.

What is the point of this show though? It kind of reminds me how in Gladiator when the king would do thumbs up or thumbs down to kill someone or keep them alive. Strange, right?

Also what do Josh Groban, Ludacris, Kesha, and Brad Paisley have to do with any of this? I mean they made it clear that they are not the judges. They say it multiple times through out the little commercial that I posted above. So what do they do? Also what happens to the people that win? Are there more rounds?

So many questions, so few answers! Maybe I will check out the first episode to see what it is about but I don’t think I am going to be about this ‘Rising Star’ life no matter how much I love Ludacris and Kesha. I think that ‘The Voice’ is where it is going to be at for the next few years anyway.

Will you tune into this show?

Brad Paisley Posts Selfie With Westboro Baptist Church



Westboro Baptist Selfie!! Or west-Burro(ass) selfie. Hopefully they can hear the show out here. We’ll play loud.- @BradPaisley

This picture is all kinds of hilarious right? I mean look at Brad’s face, hilarious. Look at the cult member just smiling away! You can tell she is so happy she just got a selfie with Brad Paisley but she can’t act that way! So she will act sneaky snarky in order to take a picture with him, brilliant!

Honestly I hate the Westboro cult as I like to call them. They picket at concerts, they picket at soldiers funerals, the basically picket anything that they possibly can picket. I didn’t know that God hated drunks though. I thought that he would be happy people are drinking wine and all of that! I thought that this cult just hated soldiers, children, gays, and happiness. Never knew that they hated drunks too.

You go Brad Paisley, I hope that you did in fact play so loud that they were able to hear you and immediately their heads exploded. Oh is that too graphic? Don’t care, fuck you Westboro.