Rihanna Spotted Making Out With Mystery Man!

Bye Drake, it looks like Rihanna has finally found herself a new man.

Apparently the singer has found love in a hopeless place, also known as Spain.

Word on the street is that Rihanna is actually vacationing with this hottie, so all I can say is this.

Get it girl!

Really though, these photos are super hot and I am thinking they are going more than just making out if you know what I am saying.

If don’t know what I am saying then grow up!

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Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Spotted In Nashville

Well it looks like Taylor Swift and British actor Joe Alwyn might actually be dating. There have been rumors about them for a few months now, but it looks like there might be some legitimacy to this relationship now!

A paparazzo zoomed way in and took a photo of the two of them having coffee on Taylor’s patio at her Nashville home.

I really have no idea who Joe Alwyn is but he and Taylor definitely make for a tall, blonde couple.

Swift definitely has a thing for this Brits.

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Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos Shares Sweet Photo With Demi Lovato

I never know whether to write Guilherme  or Bomba but his Instagram name is Bomba, so I think I am going to stick with that.

The MMA fighter is definitely showing off a softer side since he has started to date Demi . The two of them are always posting photos and videos of each other and it is really sweet. The couple has been together since late summer according to most reports and they met at a gym in Los Angeles.

Today Bomba posted an extremely adorable photo of he and Demi snuggling together.

In the past Demi had been fairly quiet about her dating life. It wasn’t until near the end of her relationship with Wilmer that she actually talked about the fact the two of them were together.

I ship these two though. Isn’t that what the kids say? These two are sweet, I just hope that they don’t burn out too quickly.


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Demi Lovato & Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos Are Still Going Strong!

Demi Lovato and MMA fighter boyfriend Bomba are still going strong according to social media! Last night the two stepped out to support Joe Jonas , since his band DNCE had a show in Los Angeles.

There are now a lot of reports that Demi has actually been quietly dating Bomba since October. The two had a fling over the summer but Demi stepped out with Luke Rockhold putting all Bomba rumors to rest. Well according to Twitter, Demi was dating both dudes at the same time.

Get it girl.

Last night Bomba also posted a photo of himself and Demi on his Instagram account.


At first I was a little skeptical but it seems like these two crazy kids make each other happy.

Keep up with being adorable, okay?

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Britney Spears Rang In The New Year With Hot Boyfriend Sam Asghari

Image result for britney spears and sam asghari

I swear, Britney is looking hotter than ever and I think that it has something to do with the fact she is dating Sam. I mean her last two boyfriends weren’t that great, now she has upgraded to an absolute fox.

The couple met while filming the music video for “Slumber Party”, apparently spark flew there and they have been together ever since! At first they tried to keep their relationship quiet but that didn’t last long. Personally I don’t blame either of them. I would show off Sam or Britney, both are super hot.

Treat her right Sam! You may be hot but Britney fans will take you down if need be.

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Happy New Year 🎉🎉🎉

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on

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Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Are Totally Dating

After the video came out there were rumors that Brit and Sam were dating. He posted this picture on his Instagram but then quickly deleted it. It was shady and weird but whatever.

Britney and Sam met while filming the “Slumber Party” music video and apparently sparks flew on set. In the video Sam was supposed to be the human representation of Satan or some shit, but I couldn’t really pick up on any of that since I was just staring at his beautiful features. Those eyes, that stubble, and that jawline, is there anything better?

The two have yet to confirm that they are dating but let’s be real. They are dating.

Get it girl.

TMZ caught the couple getting some BBQ yesterday and according to their sources, the couple is serious.

If that wasn’t enough, Sam shared a photo of the two in bed on Christmas Eve.

Again, get it girl.

Oh and how adorable is this? He even holds her purse!

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Hilary Duff Makes It Instagram Official With Trainer Boyfriend Jason Walsh

Since her divorce I feel like Hilary Duff has been very low key about her love life and all of that. I mean she is back in the spotlight which is awesome but her personal life has been kept personal. Remember, this is the girl who survived being a Disney star and didn’t really go too wild. She had her issues of course but she always seemed to be humble and all of that. So needless to say, homegirl has a good head on her shoulders.

It looks like she is ready to come clean about her new love though!

She is currently dating hottie trainer Jason Walsh and he trains everyone, I mean everyone. According to his Instagram he has worked with Miles Teller, Matt Damon for the ‘Jason Bourne’ movies, and Justin Theroux, just to name a few.

So good work Hilary, now can we get some more new music? Please and thank you.

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Date night with J ❤️

A post shared by Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff) on

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Amy Schumer Shows Off Adorable Picture With Her Boyfriend

How freaking adorable is this picture? Amy Schumer posted this of her and her new boyfriend Ben Hanisch. The two have kept their relationship quiet until recently and I am so happy for Amy. It’s almost like I know her, which is probably weird but whatever. She is one of the girls, the girls who like to drink, laugh, and have sex. She is one of “us”, do you get it?

I hope these two get married and Amy has kids. Yup! I am jumping that far ahead because in her interview with Barbara Walters she was worried about never having children. So just go get married, have some kids, keep posting cute Instagram pictures, okay?

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Justin Bieber Is Done With Tattoos For A While


With two half sleeves Justin Bieber is finally done with his stupid tattoos for a while. He wrote on his Instagram account that he was where he wanted to be. Good, don’t get anymore. Bieber is going down that Vanilla Ice road faster than I thought he would be going down. Step 1) He is trying to become a rapper named Bizzle Step 2) He had a ton of stupid tattoos. No more steps needed in my opinion.

The difference between Vanilla Ice and Bieber is that Vanilla Ice can laugh at himself now. I don’t know if Bieber will ever get to that level of not being so into himself.

Good job with no more tattoos Bieber, Maybe the next step you can be done with is sipping sizzurp and egging houses. Allegedly of course.

Justin Bieber: Fastest fall from grace of all time.



I have an actual question for everyone that reads my blog, has anyone had a faster downfall than Justin Bieber? It is a true question that I have thought about for a while now. Bieber became big in 2009 and now that it is nearing 2014 everyone seems to be waiting for his mental break down. I feel as though his downfall started when his sweet angelic Canadian voice changed into a southern accent, it was like Madonna having an English accent. I will admit, when Bieber first came out I was in awe that a 15 year old had such talent, I thought he was absolutely incredible! As the years went on and his Christmas album played constantly in the retail store I worked at, I realized how much I hated him. When he covered “All I want for Christmas” I became furious, how dare he cover a Mariah song. Yes, I am aware that she was on the song as well but it was still horrible. His true downfall started after he released the song “Boyfriend” and totally jacked Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You” music video. When him and Selena broke up he dropped even further, it was pretty interesting to watch for sure. Now in 2013 after a half sleeve of hideous tattoos, shirtless pictures for days, and then getting filmed by a creepy Brazilian he has lost it. He lost the wow factor that he once had. Now those are only a few things that made him really fall from grace. I might as well add the whole rapping career he thinks he has, the Brazilian brothel that he went to, pissing in mop buckets, getting pulled over every day, and using the term “Wild Kidz” thinking it was a good name. My theory is that now that Justin Timberlake is back there can only be one Justin. Sorry Bieber but I give you one more year then you will be just another joke that people scoff at, a male Lindsay Lohan, a what could have been. If you want to take my advice, stop mumbling through your songs, stop getting stupid tattoos, and stop complaining about not having privacy when you run around shirtless.