Nick Carter & Emma Bunton Post Iconic Photo Together

This photo hits me right in my 90’s nostalgia feels where I know that nothing will ever be as important as this photo. So much talent, so blonde, so 90’s. Right?

In case you didn’t know, Emma and Nick are teaming up for the show Boyband where they are the architects trying to find the next big boyband. I assume they are going to have teams or something like that.

Really, there hasn’t been that much told about the show yet, other than it will probably be amazing.

I am a little upset that I wasn’t asked to be a part of this show. Obviously I know a lot about boybands and I can definitely give tips, but I guess if anyone is going to put together a band it should be these two.

Really though, all this show has to say is that a Backstreet Boy and a Spice Girl are going to be on the show, that’s all they need for a hit show.

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Ed Sheeran Is Putting Together A Boyband!

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Ed Sheeran opened up about the fact he is putting together a boyband. Now, I hope that this is true because he simply wants to find three to four good singers, and write music that they perform.

How amazing would that be?

He wrote a few songs for One Direction and is clearly an amazing song writer, so they would absolutely be a hit. Plus, everyone is in love with Ed so of course they would love his boyband.

Reports are saying that this boy band will join him on his next stadium tour.

Let’s hope this is real life not just Ed playing with our hearts.

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