Manny Pacquiao Lost 95.5% Of His Followers After Comparing Homosexuals to…

Well boxer Manny Pacquiao went on a rampage saying that “gays were worse than animals” and he lost nearly all of his Twitter followers. As it should be too, right? He went from having a few hundred thousand, nearly a million followers to a dwindling 9.500 followers.

Since he lost nearly all of his followers he did put out a public apology for his hateful words.

That is what you get for being a hateful person. I will just be over here sipping on me tea.

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Hayden Panettiere & Fiancé Wladimir Klitschko Expecting First Child!

ImageNow I am not exactly sure how true this report is since nothing has been confirmed so I guess I should say that Hayden is allegedly pregnant with her first child. For a while I went through the stage of hating Hayden for really no reason. I always thought that she tried too hard to get into the spotlight and all that bullshit, but now I like her. Since watching her in ‘Nashville’ I realized that she actually has some serious talent in both singing and acting.

Now if her and Wladimir are actually expecting I feel sorry for her. Not because she is young, not because of anything like that. Simply because of his genes. Now I used Google to help with this and apparently Wladimir stands at a towering 6’6″ and little Hayden stands at 5’0″. That baby is probably going to be huge, just born a straight up giant, poor Hayden.

Good for them though, right? Hayden has always dated older men, always. When she was like 15 she was dating Stephen Coletti, who  was roughly 21, then she went onto Milo Ventawhateverhislastnameis. Then she landed herself with a giant Ukrainian boxer who is a solid 12 years older than her.

Congrats to the happy couple and if the reports aren’t true, then I take it all back!