OITNB’s Uzo Aduba Finishes Boston Marathon In Just Over 5 Hours!

Uzo Aduba Boston Marathon

Let me just start by saying I am in absolute awe of all of the runners that were able to finish the Boston Marathon, hell even the runners that weren’t able to finish. I think it shows true athleticism and it is something that I don’t know if I could ever do. After the bombings shook the city of Boston, the city remained strong. They were able to come together and form a bond that was kind of unspeakable. The city came to run again the next year, and now in 2015 with the bomber locked away, they were able to run again. They were able to honor those who were hurt, honor those of lost their lives, honor a city that will never have its spirit broken. I know that I could write about all of the runners, but this is a celebrity blog, that is why Uzo is the focus of this post. I just want to say that we are #BostonStrong and I am beyond proud to be able to say I am from Massachusetts.

“It feels like the right thing to do,” Aduba told PEOPLE of her decision to run this year, just two years after the Boston Marathon bombings. “It still feel pretty raw, and with [the trial] it almost feels like a Band-Aid getting pulled back again. That’s where I grew up, where I learned what a marathon even was … to be a part of it, it feels particularly special.”

Good for you Uzo, I think it is awesome you were able to run and also raise over 10,000 towards studying potential cancer causes. You go girl!