Zayn Malik Is Releasing A Photographic Journey Book

It looks like Zayn Malik is following in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian, releasing a book that I am describing as a photographic journey because I don’t know how else to explain it.

The book is going to be filled with photos, well selfies, drawings, and some personal entries from Zayn. Basically this is going to be a personal journal released to the world.

This is the official description according to Twitter.

So now he will be an author (well kind of), a singer, and a television producer. He is a man of many hats who still can’t perform a full concert.

Maybe one day he will get that anxiety under control and actually perform a full concert as a solo artist, seems like it will never happen though.

Also, funny he wants to be separated from One Direction but he continues to talk about them in interviews and now is basing a book off of his year away from the group.

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Kathy Griffin Has A New Book Coming Out!

So Kathy Griffin is by far one of my all time favorite comedians. She is someone who is very true to herself and her jokes are hysterical. Kathy is seriously one of the greatest female comedians of all time, I am very sure of that.

If you haven’t heard her stand up about running into different celebrities, I suggest you go on YouTube and look up literally anything. You will love it.

That is why I am excited for this book. I can only imagine how hysterical a lot of these will be. Kathy is someone who is always so honest, or seems honest about her stories with whatever celebrity. She has nothing to lose, she seems to actually love the fact that she is on the “D List” even though she is definitely an A list comedian.

The truth is that Kathy is one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog. I love to add humor to writing and her style of stand up really did inspire me. Kathy and Chelsea Handler are the reason Celebrities Are Tragic even started.

I can’t wait to start this book! You should order it too! It is out November 22nd!

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You Can Pre-Order Anna Kendrick’s Book “Scrappy Little Nobody”!

Know what I am excited for? This book.

I am going to assume that this book will be as hysterical as her Twitter and I am ready for that. I would say that I laugh at about 95% of Anna’s tweets so clearly her writing style is great.

Maybe Anna should stop being an actress and start being a stand up comedian. Hey Anna, hear that? Do it! Okay? Okay.

You can pre-order the book here, something I plan on doing!

Are you excited for this book?


Kim Kardashian Will Release 352 Page Book Of Selfies Titled ‘Selfish’

Just when I thought Kim Kardashian couldn’t be more egotistical, more narcissistic, she goes out there and proves me wrong. I mean we should expect this right?

We should really expect a selfie book of Kim Kardashian because we all know one thing. She can’t read! Clearly I am kidding but who wants to read an autobiography about Kim Kardashian when she is on E! News all the damn time. What would she write about? How she had sex with Ray- J, filmed it, then sold it and that is why she is famous. No she would never talk about being an essential porn star because now she is so much more. She is a reality star, clothing designer, and a hands on mom, don’t forget about that one.

Honestly the fact a book about selfies is even being published kind of makes me want to be off of the planet. I think it is time to just step away from blogging, start taking selfies, find some good filters, and try and publish my own selfie book. It will be called ‘all the wrong angles’ a tell all by Will Killiams.

Why did she choose the name “Selfish” though, she could have went with “Egomaniac” I like that better. I actually like that one much better.

Lea Michele Has A New Album And Book Coming Out Soon!


Now I don’t really know much about Lea Michele’s book or music, I guess I should say that right off the bat. I know that she has been trying to put something together for a while now and she has one or two singles out, but I don’t know if they have done well at all. Most people just see her as little Rachel Berry from ‘Glee’ I don’t think that she will be able to drop that stigma for a while. Sad but true.

Since Cory Monteith’s death I feel like Lea Michele has been in the media like crazy. She is talking about how he is still with her and all of that stuff. Now don’t get me wrong it is tragic that Cory died and that Lea with dating him. They weren’t married though, they had been dating for like two years. Lea you are young and you’ll get over it.

She is also trying to sex up her look right? I mean the shirt and the high socks. I see you Lea Michele you are single and ready to mingle, you go girl!