Ashley Parker Angel Posts His Top 9 Photos Of 2015

If you don’t know who Ashley Parker Angel is that’s okay. Just think of him basically being the Harry Styles of a former boyband O-Town. Well O-Town is back, but Ashley decided not to join.

I just wanted to post this because oh my god he is beyond gorgeous. I mean really. He is just getting better with age and nothing makes sense. I might be in love with him, no I am absolutely in love with him.

Bless this post.

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Britney Spears Posts Instagram Showing Off Her Insane Body!

Sometimes you just need to remind people that you’re still the queen and that is exactly what B. Spears is doing here! You just need to remind the younger generation that you are still a legend and always will be.

Seriously though, Brit looks absolutely insane in the best way possible, not in the 2007 way. Her body is incredible and apparently she is working on some new songs, which will hopefully be awesome. Her whole ‘Pretty Girls’ song was a hot ass mess, so let’s hope she brings back her sound from the old days. Imagine if she released another hit like ‘Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman’, just do a sequel to that song and you will crush it, I promise! You don’t need any advice though because your band of loyal followers will always be there and for good reason!

Britney you will forever be the queen while everyone else tries to take your thrown.

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Amy Schumer Poses Nude And Doesn’t Care What You Think!

Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman. (credit)

Amy Schumer you are a fucking legend for this pictures. This photo is so unapologetically her. Does that make sense? She isn’t sitting up straight, she is sitting there in a comfortable position, this photo doesn’t look touched up. This is simply Amy Schumer sitting in a pair of lace panties, drinking her coffee, wondering when the picture was going to be over. That is how I see it at least.

There have been many times where Amy has spoken about her body image and how most people don’t consider it Hollywood, but it is clear that Amy doesn’t give a shit. If she wants to take a nearly nude picture she is going to. If she wants to drink coffee during it, she will do that as well.

Her caption is pretty perfect too. People are going to say all of those things about her, but she beat you to do it. Is it weird when I read that caption this was the first thing I thought of?

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Britney Spears Posts Photo For #SexySunday And Reminds Us All Why She’s A Legend

I feel like every once in a while Britney will do something like this, just remind everyone that she is the queen. Britney oozes sex appeal and has done so since she was 17 years old, kind of creepy typing that but it’s true. Since Britney stepped into the spotlight she was basically every mans dream girl and even at 33 it is clear that she is still crushing the game.

People can say whatever they want about Britney, that she isn’t a good singer, no longer has what she once had, but whatever. In reality if Britney was to go on a world tour right now she would sell out every seat in an hour, that is something I would put money on.

So B.Spears you keep on slaying because you are a legend no matter what the haters say!

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Man Crush Monday: Jake Gyllenhaal

So for a long time I have been very on the fence about my feelings towards Jake Gyllenhaal. I always kind of thought he was hot sometimes, then other times he wasn’t hot. Young Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t do anything for me, in fact he didn’t really do anything for my until “Love and Other Drugs”. Sometimes he is hot, sometimes he just isn’t. Well I have decided that he is hot, the end.

Over the past weekend I saw the movie “Southpaw” and was in complete awe over the transformation that Jake had put himself through. Half of the movie I couldn’t even believe that it was him. From his body, to the way his character spoke, it was just absolutely incredible. Jake is easily one of the best and probably most underrated actors of our time. If he isn’t nominated for “Southpaw” I don’t even know what is wrong with the world.

So Let’s be real. Jake has dated some of the hottest blondes in Hollywood, Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst, Taylor Swift. I think it is time for him to date a brunette blogger, just give it a try you might like it.

With those giant blue eyes that he has finally grown into, the permanent scruff, and the fact he is an incredible actor. He has a lot going for him and I think that his best work is still yet to come.

Happy Monday!

Rihanna Changes Her Twitter Avatar To Something Amazing


So many people know that Rihanna is the fiercest bitch on the planet and she is, she is also absolutely hilarious. After everyone calling her out for wearing basically a sheer sheet with Swarovski crystals on it, she changed her Twitter avatar to this. This perfect photo of Peter Griffin wearing the exact same dress.

When she first saw the picture of Peter she probably died laughing, probably had a blunt lit and just cracked up the whole time while looking at it. I mean who wouldn’t? It is pure gold and everyone knows it. She even posted this picture with the caption, he got it.

ImageSo you know what? People can hate on Rihanna for wearing this dress, they can call her whatever but her confidence is insane. If I could look like Rihanna I would love to. I think that most people would. Who cares if she is showing off her boobs and her ass, good for her! Guess what, she still isn’t asking for it! Thought that it was a good time to use that.

Anyway, Rihanna is hilarious, fierce, and perfect. That is all.