Demi Lovato Changes Up Her Hairstyle

Over the weekend Demi teased that she was going to be doing something big with her hairstyle. Most people assumed she was going to shave her head. By most people, I of course mean the internet.

Demi actually did the exact opposite though. She got herself some extensions and now has long, flowing, dark hair.

Maybe she is preparing us for a new Demi era, which means new music! If it’s anything like ‘Body Say’ I am into it.

Let’s be real, Demi never looks back and she is slaying this hairstyle. You keep being fabulous girl!


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Demi Lovato Releases ‘Body Say’

I have always said this, I’m not but if I was, it would be for Demi Lovato. This woman is seriously so incredibly talented. She can sing, she is gorgeous, and fun fact, she wrote ‘Body Say’ and just wanted to release it. That simple.

Well I just listened to it, and you can too! It’s on Spotify and ITunes music, so go and get on that because all I can say is my lawd. A part of me thinks that Nick helped her write the song but hey, he’s talented too so it all works out!

Demi tweeted out why she wanted to release the song so early too, it makes sense.

So wrote it, liked it and wanted to release it, that simple.

Now there isn’t a lyric video or anything just yet, but I assume that they will be coming out soon.

Here is a live video from Atlanta opening night of the Future Now Tour though, it is very hard to hear in this live version, so like I said go listen to it on Spotify for Apple Music.

Speed it up, make me sweat, yup she said it.

She also released a few more pictures from what I assume will be from the music video when it comes out but I’m not sure.

How upset is Wilmer right now? Probably sitting there crying because he isn’t with Demi anymore.

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Demi Lovato Is Releasing New Music This Friday!

Demi promised us new music on the tour and considering tonight was the kick off of the tour, it is time for new music!

Word on the street this song is going to be a hit. She performed it for the crowd tonight and it got an insane response, Tidal cut off their live feed when she performed it but some clips have found their way to the internet.

Lets hope Demi can get the credit she deserves for her vocals and she gets to the number one spot with this new single. I will settle for number three spot.

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