Rest In Peace Bobbi Kristina Brown

I have always felt bad for Bobbi Kristina, I know that I didn’t know her personally but there was something behind her eyes that always seemed painful. Last night Bobbi had passed away nearly eight months after she was found unconcious in a bathtub. There are still so many questions circling what exactly happened and how she ended up there. Many people are blaming her own drug issues, blaming Nick Gordon her long time boyfriend, and speculating all of the things that could have happened.

Although Bobbi was born into what seemed like a luxurious life it seemed like it was a very chaotic life as well. Her parents were drug addicts, constantly breaking up and getting back together, and it seemed as though her life was always just crazy. She seemed to be caught up in a storm that wasn’t her fault.

No matter what happened it is always sad when a young person dies, being only 22 and not being able to actually live her life until the end, it is sad. It is sad that she passed away basically the same way her mother did.

I hope you find your peace Bobbi.