Frank Ocean Releases New Album ‘Blond’

Frank Ocean Blond Blonde

Well Frank Ocean has finally released his highly anticipated album and let me tell you one thing. This year the GRAMMY‘s is going to be a very tight race for album of the year. I mean between Adele, Drake, Beyonce, and now with this Frank Ocean in the mix? I mean it is going to be a tight race.

You can stream the album on Apple Music, and of course buy it on Itunes.


Are you excited that this album has finally dropped?!

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Bleach my eyebrows and call me Miley


Little Kendall Jenner is running around showing her tits off on Instagram but one of the biggest stories is that Miley Cyrus bleached her eyebrows. In my opinion this is no big deal. Does she look different, yes? Do you think she cares, no. If everyone hasn’t realized it yet Miley Cyrus is an absolute genius with everything she does. You can sit there and say she had no talent, shes trashy, whatever you want to say guess what. She is still making you talk about her. After her semi normal X-Factor performance you knew that she needed to do something to get people talking again and this is the perfect plan!

Anyway you know that the hot new trend is going to be either shaving off your eyebrows or bleaching them. Either way it will be bad ass.

Rock on Miley.