Taylor Swift Crashes Fan’s Wedding

I think I need to start inviting Taylor Swift to all of my family parties, birthday parties, and anything else I can think of because she shows up. This isn’t the first time that Taylor has surprised a fan by showing up somewhere. She once showed up at a fans bridal shower, and sends her fans fits for the holidays.

Apparently the husband, Max has been a long time fan of Taylor Swift and his sister reached out to the singer after their mother passed away and would miss the ceremony. Apparently though, Max and his now wife Kenya actually had a ceremony at the hospital so she could be there, and they danced to ‘Blank Space’, one of Taylor’s smash hits.

Obviously the singer was touched by the story and decided to show up and sing her smash hit.

Just another reason to love Taylor Swift.
Here’s a clip of her singing ‘Blank Space’, I am sure a longer clip will be available soon.

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Taylor Swift Performs Acoustic Version Of ‘Blank Space’

Taylor Swift  is absolutely blessing us with these acoustic versions of her songs from 1989. Yesterday it was Wildest Dreams, today it is ‘Blank Space’, does it get any better than that?

As I said before I love these acoustic versions of songs, I think they she off her talent like her previous albums did. The albums and the sound that I miss oh so much.

Check it out!

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Taylor Swift Releases Music Video for ‘Blank Space’ And It’s Perfect

Number one Taylor Swift you look absolutely amazing in this music video. Taylor Swift is girl crush material for sure, am I right? Second I have to wonder if this was filmed at her Rhode Island mansion? I mean it looks like some of the old Newport Mansions that they have down there. Yeah, I have visited, whatever!

This music video is so perfect though, I like to think that Taylor is going to continue to poke fun at herself in these music videos. Obviously ‘Shake It Off’ was her laughing at herself because she sucks at dancing. Then this one is about how everyone thinks that she is absolutely insane when it comes to guys. I mean the whole painting scene, it is just perfection. How can you not love this video? This song? So perfect! All of it!

Now we know T.Swift is a “nightmare dressed like a day dream” ,seriously such an incredible lyric. So incredible.

Also that sexual lip bite, I see that T.Swift.