Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Welcome Baby Girl Named…


Today the long awaited child of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian came into this world. She came in weighing in at 7 pounds and was born at 6:40 am PT this morning. How sweet is that? These two finally have their little girl and I am sure that cameras were right there filming every step of the way.

Her name? Are you ready for this name? Are you ready for this fucking name? I don’t think that you are.


Yes, Dream Kardashian is being added to the list of Kardashian baby names. So far we have North, Saint, Reign, and now Dream. What a group of names right?

Congrats to the couple though, I seriously think they are my favorite of the Kardashian clan.

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Rob Kardashian Slams Kylie Jenner & Releases Her Number On Twitter

I really try to no write about the Kardashians. I do really try to avoid their stupid conflict, but this is kind of hilarious. Rob hates his sisters, I think it is very obvious that he really doesn’t like his family, which is why he was in hiding for like four years. Now he is with Blac Chyna and they are making a reality show, and it’s weird. Talk about going fast from being a little hermit to being a reality star again. Quick transition.

Anyway, last night when everyone was watching the debate, Rob Kardashian went OFF on Twitter. I mean he really lost it. He seemed to do this every once in a while but last night was probably the worst I have seen him go off on social media.

Judging by the tweets it looks like Kylie threw a baby shower for Rob and Blac Chyna, then didn’t invite Blac Chyna? I don’t know how you throw a baby shower without the baby mama, but judging by the tweets that’s what it seems like.

Listen, I truly believe that everything these people do is for attention. There’s no question in my mind about that. This one though? Considering that is really Kylie’s number because it connected to her Instagram account when Twitter did some digging. I don’t know if this is for PR for his show or what, but I am here for it. At the moment I am all about this petty act.

Keep on spilling that tea Rob, you know that you’re the fan favorite after this.

On another note, I really hope that the Kardashian’s pay their PR people good money to keep them in the news.

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Are Rapper Tyga & Kylie Jenner Really Dating?

Tyga and Kylie Jenner Dating

Tyga and Kylie Jenner were out together Monday night … and we’re told it was a date, but the way “date” is defined is, well, a sensitive issue.

The youngins went to Kabuki restaurant in Hollywood. Sources close to Tyga tell us they are “dating” but are quick to add that does not mean they are physical. It’s important, because he’s 25 and she’s 17.

One Tyga source told us … if we even insinuate they are having physical contact he will deny he’s dating Kylie … even though the source says Tyga privately says he’s dating her.

BTW … sitting on the same side of the booth is prima facie dating, right?

So I think that everyone is now extremely aware of which of the Jenner girls is going to end up like Kim, I mean Kim before she had a multimillion dollar company. Back when she was just Paris Hilton’s hot friend that went to different events with her. I see you Kylie, hanging out with mediocre rappers.
Tyga recently got divorced from one of Kim’s best friends Black Chyna which would be weird for Kim if her much younger and under aged sister was dating him, right? I mean 25 and 17 is a pretty hefty age gap, I don’t care what people say about that age ain’t nothing but a number thing. It is also a jail sentence.
I don’t even really think that Tyga is popular anymore, I genuinely have no idea. I know that he had that song “Rack City” that everyone loved for a minute but now, he is just known for having a better hairline than he had before. Oh and for hanging out with under aged girls. For those of you that don’t remember for Kylie’s 17th birthday he was the one who filmed the celebration then offered her a shot, so that is cute.
Kylie Jenner is just a trouble child, there I said it and I will not take it back!